The Spider and the Knight

Content Warning: This story involves a forced TG, as well as unwilling (magical) impregnation.

Darren walked slowly through the woods, his shiny chainmail glistening brightly even in what little moonlight managed to make its way through the canopy of the forest. His leathers creaked, as well, and the metal greaves and gauntlets he wore filled the forest with the “clink” of metal on metal. Darren didn’t mind. This was not a mission that relied on stealth. There was no honor in slaying a monster that did not know its death was coming, the better to face the death head on.

Tonight’s prey was an arachne. A monstrous beast, created by sorcerers of old as a weapon, blending humans and spiders to create massive creature that could lay waste to entire towns if left unchecked.

In times of war, creatures like this were mass produced. In times of peace, they were exterminated, preferably before their sorcerers died and lost control of them.

In cases where sorcerers died, with monsters still under their command, the monsters almost uniformly went beserk, and had to be slaughtered on the spot.

Not this one, though. Apparently she snuck off, when her master had a heart attack. From there, she’d found residence in a cave, at the foot of Mount Morren, at the edge of Fodara Forest. The closest civilization was a small town named Rivette, too far away from the large cities to easily ask for help. The arachne had never walked into town, directly, but there were tales of people disappearing in the forest going back years. 

Not that anyone in the capital had cared, back when it was just rumors of disappearing people. The king certainly would never have sent a knight of Darren’s calliber to investigate something as minor as a few villagers getting lost in the woods.. Recently, though, there had been a boost of mining activity in the mountains. A lone miner, looking to make his fortune, had stumbled into the creature’s cave. He had been lucky to make it back with his life, for the creature had been sleeping when he found her, and had been slow to stir. Word had of course been sent to the capital, and thus it was that Sir Darren was now making his way out of the forest and toward the creature’s cave.

Walking into the creatures den, Darren drew his sword, purposefully waiting until he was deep enough inside that the sound of steel rasping on leather would echo throughout the cave, for a moment. Then he called out “Come forth and face me, if you dare!”

“Come inside. If you dare,” came a soft, feminine voice, from the back of the cave.

In the depths of the rocky tunnel, two torches suddenly ignited, illuminating a path. Apparently this was not just a cave, but a tunnel. Since the light only illuminated the start, Darren was unsure how deep back it went, or how dark it would become. If he went that way, he’d likely have to give up his shield for a torch.

“Afraid to come and face me in the light?” Darren called out, hoping to goad the creature into a more favorable locale.

“You’ll have to forgive me,” came the voice, again, from somewhere beyond the flickering light of the torches. “I wasn’t expecting company, and I fear I look a dreadful mess. Perhaps if you came back another time, I’d be willing to face you in the light?”

Ha.” Darren let out a faint,  bitter laugh and then took took a step toward the torches. Taking an unused torch from his belt, he stepped between the two light fixtures, with the intention of using one of them to ignite his own torch.

He never got the chance. The moment Darren stepped between the lights, a loud crack resounded through the cave, and the floor beneath him dropped away.

Falling freely, Darren had only a moment to brace himself for the hard impact of earth. He tensed his body, trying to mentally prepare himself to push past the pain and roll to his feet. He would need to be quick, if he wanted to undercut the advantage this had given his opponent. He would need to be quick and lucky, if he wanted to survive.

To Darren’s surprise, however, the impact of earth never came. Instead, he landed in something soft. Something that stuck to his armored arms and legs. It was sticky enough that he couldn’t move more than a few centimeters without getting snapped back into place.

Darren had been lucky, though. For a certain definition of luck, at least: he had landed in such a way that he was left looking up, through the hole that he had dropped down. Even if he couldn’t move, even if he was going to be absolutely helpless before the arachne, Darren took some small comfort in knowing that he’d see it coming.

“Oops. Did someone fall?” The voice of the echoed through the cave, taunting him.

“You have me captured, you coward!” Darren called back, angrily. “At least show yourself!”

“…Very well…”

There was silence for a moment, during which time Darren could only assume the creature was quietly walking forward. Then, at last, he saw it: a woman’s head, illuminated by the torches, poking out above the hole. 

The arachne had pale skin, and long, dark hair that trailed down to the floor. Her eyes were pitch black, with no visible pupils, yet he could practically feel her gaze crawling over him. It felt like she was examining him, from head to toe, taking in every inch of him.

After a moment, the creature spoke. “I truly did not think anyone would be stupid enough to fall for that trap.”

“Let me go, you beast!” he called out. “Let me out, and fight me fairly!” He tried in vein to swing his sword, but his body would not move an inch. 

“…No…” the beast whispered, straightening up.

For a moment, Darren couldn’t see her at all. Then, a giant, lightly furred spider limb poked its way into the edge of the pit. Two more followed it, and a few moments later the arachne was calmly manipulating all eight of her legs to walk down the side of the pit. 

“What are your intentions for me?” Darren demanded, trying and failing to keep a tremble from his voice.

In response, she opened her mouth so wide that Darren could see past her teeth, to where something white was pouring out of her throat.

A thick coat of webbing shot out from her mouth, coating Darren’s legs, thighs, and stomach. 

“Wh-what are you doing?” he demanded, desperately trying to manipulate his sword hand to at least cut if not swing. Another shot of webbing coated the sword, though, and then his hand and his arm were covered, followed by his chest. He was utterly defenseless to stop the arachne, as she coated his body in webbing. Soon it was up the neck. 

Darren had time for one desperate gasp of air, before his head was covered as well.


Darren awoke to a light brushing of fingers across his bare cheek. He opened his eyes, blinking in surprise to find that the webbing had been removed from his face. Just his face, however. Everything below the neck was wrapped in a tight cocoon, which had apparently been stuck against the wall, a few inches above the ground.

Standing before him was the arachne, the wicked beast herself. A dark haired woman, was he had seen earlier, her naked upper half could have passed for human woman’s if she covered her black eyes.  She might have even been beautiful, if her bottom half wasn’t that of a deadly spider: a pure black carapace, emblazoned with a red hourglass. It sported eight ugly legs, which were currently folded up beneath it so that the spider girl could sit. 

Even sitting, and with the knight plastered upright to the wall, she was tall enough that her black eyes met the knight’s. He had no idea what thoughts were traveling beneath his eyes, or why she’d chosen to touch his cheek so gently. He only knew that if his mouth wasn’t as dry as a desert, he would have spat on the horrid beast for touching him.

“What do you want with me?” he demanded, his voice hoarse. “How long have I been unconscious?”

“A few days, I suppose?” she replied, tilting her head to one side. “I slowed your metabolism, so I doubt you’re hungry. Thirsty, though, I imagine…”

“Why did you wake me?” Darren asked, next, eyeing the creature warily. “Did you want to hear my screams as you ate me?”

“How bloodthirsty you must find me,” the arachne responded, shaking her head side to side. “I’ve never eaten anyone, I’ll have you know. Not even when I was under the control of that… sorcerer.”

“Like I would believe that,” Darren replied, scoffing. “I’ve heard the reports of people going missing in these woods.”

“Oh me, oh my. People get lost in a massive forest, so you assume the escaped arachne is responsible? Kill her, and all will be well? Pretty convenient, for you.

“We both know the truth, though: the only reason your king took an interest is because he wants to mine this mountain, and the big bad arachne is scaring off all the miners with her existence.”

“Your removal will be good for the entirety of the kingdom,” Darren insisted. At the same time, he tried to tense his muscles, and covertly test the strength of the cocoon. Just like when he was in the web, however, it proved too strong for him to budge.

“My removal will be convenient for the kingdom. You’ll be able to mine the mountain without fear, while ignoring the embarrassment of losing a living weapon, like me. Your people will feel like they’re being protected. The only one who’d dare complain is me.”

“You won’t be complaining when you’re dead…” Darren snarled. He jerked his head, nipping at the flesh between her thumb and fingers.

She yelped, in response, pulling her hand back and shaking it a few times. “And what did you do that for!?”

“I’ll take any opportunity I can, to hurt you, before you kill me. No revenge is too small, no anger too petty! Anything I do could be the deciding factor that lets the next knight kill you.”

“…Loyal, aren’t you?” she muttered, looking down at her hand. “I can use that.”

“Use that…?” Darren asked, narrowing his eyes. “I do not know what you have planned, but if you think that you can use me – turn me into some sort of minion, then-”

“We’ll call making you my minion plan B,” the arachne interrupted. “For now, let us start with introductions. I am Leshi. And you are?”

Darren growled in response.

Leshi sighed. “Aren’t knights supposed to be honorable? Shouldn’t you be proudly shouting for me to remember the name of the one who will kill me, or some such?”

“I do not share my name with monsters, who rely on cheap tricks to ensnare noble knights. Kill me, and be done with it.”

“…I suppose I do not need your name,” the arachne conceded, smiling faintly at Darren’s stubbornness. “All I need is your cooperation.”

“My cooperation?” Darren demanded. “What? You want me to remain still while you eat me?”

“I said I don’t… No,” the arachne snarled the word, pounding her fist against the wall, next to Darren’s head. 

The knight did his best not to respond, and most especially not to flinch, but he couldn’t stop a bead of sweat from dripping down his forehead.

“Let me start over,” Leshi declared, backing up a step. “All I want. Is for you to tell the king I’ve been defeated.”

“Easy. Free me, hand me my sword, and let me defeat you.”

“Thank you, but no. I meant that I want you to lie. You can take some of my shedded exoskeleton as proof, if you want.”

“Why?” Darren demanded. “No, let me guess. You want everyone to think you’re dead so that you can eat people without being hunted for it.”

“I told you…” the arachne snarled, and then paused. She took a deep breath, pinched the brow of her nose, and released. “I told you. I don’t eat people. I just want to be left alone in peace.

“If you tell them I’m dead, I’ll leave the mountains. I’ll find a new home. Perhaps deeper in the forest, or atop another mountain. Somewhere humans don’t want to go. Somewhere safe for me, and. Far away from you.

“You’ll have all the glory of my defeat, the kingdom will be able to mine. You’ll be alive, and I’ll be left alone. Which is all I really want.

“What do you say?”  

Her black eyes seemed sincere to Darren. Her words seemed reasonable.

Darren gathered what little liquid he could muster in his mouth, and did his best to spit at the arachne.  

“…I was afraid you’d say that…” the arachne muttered back. “Very well. It seems we’ll need to move onto plan B, after all.”

“Making me your minion?” He scoffed. “You’ll need more than pretty words for that.”

“A different plan B, I’m afraid. And I have more than pretty words for you,” Leshi promised, reaching out to press her fingers once more against Darren’s cheek. “I have venom.”

Her fingers gripped Darren’s chin, her forefinger and thumb pressing lightly at the jaws. He jerked his head, again trying to bite her. The moment he did, the moment his head came forward, she drew her hand back and thrust her own head forward.

The arachne’s mouth looked like a human’s. Her teeth were flat, though her canines were a little sharp. When she bit into his neck however, he felt something sharp digging into his flesh. When she parted, Darren’s blood dripping from the corner of her mouth, he saw sharp fangs poking out above from between her lips. They receded, as he watched, until she had only normal human teeth again.

“I don’t know what you think that was supposed to do, b-argh!” he cried out, in surprise. The bite, which had hurt in the moment, was now pulsing with pleasure, and radiating warmth through his being. His heart was beating rapidly, and his head felt so full of cotton that it was hard to think. His body was shivering, uncontrollably, and yet he felt warm, as if he were enjoying a spring day. 

“I am sorry for this,” Leshi murmured, again placing her fingers against Darren’s cheek. Again, the knight tried to bite her, but his movements were sluggish, and easily avoided.

“It’s cute how you think you can fight me. Unfortunately, the legion of knights that will be sent to avenge your death, if I killed you, would be… Less cute. Which is why you’ll be left alive – as a warning.”

“A… Warning?” It was difficult to make words. His mouth was dry, and his tongue moved like it was trying to travel through pudding.

“Yes. Tell me. Do you know how arachne procreate?”

Darren’s face paled, fear spiking his heartbeat for a moment, even as the bite on his neck released another pulse of blissful pleasure. “You… You can’t… You said you wanted to keep me alive. No man has ever survived being used as an arachne’s mate…”

“Unfortunately true,” Leshi admitted, pulling her lips into a taught smile. “But then, it’s only ever been done on sickly prisoners before. Not a big, strong and healthy knight, like you. There’s a chance you’ll survive the transformation.”

“You can’t… You can’t do this!” Darren protested, trying to force his arms and legs to move within the cocoon.

“…Useless,” Leshi whispered, shaking her head. “I have such a useless mate. I wonder if you’ll really be able to survive this…? And what your knight friends will say if you do.”

“Shut up…” he grit his teeth, trying to ignore the pulsing heat that was running through his veins, and the electric current of pleasure that was radiating through his nerves through the bite. “My fellow knights will slay you, when they see what you have done to me!”

“I wonder if they’ll bring you back with them,” Leshi mused, placing one of her hands on the cocoon. With a casual motion, she ripped open the webbing that had refused to budge for Darren, allowing the armored knight to spill out onto the floor.

“You’ll… Regret that…” Darren whispered, trying to force himself onto his feet. His body refused to even twitch.

“I wonder if they’ll even believe that you were ever a knight. They might think you’re just some country girl, who lost her mind. Less for them to worry about, in that case, you understand.”

Leshi bent down over the knight as she spoke, and began to undo the clasps that kept the man’s armor in place. Slowly, starting with the greaves and the gauntlets, and then moving onto the chainmail, she stripped him of every scrap of clothing until he was naked before her.

“There. Wouldn’t do for your belly to start swelling within that armor, would it?” Leshi grinned as she spoke, and grabbed the knight by both arms. Lifting him, she twisted him until he was upside down, and then held him against the wall.

“This is going to be an uncomfortable transformation for you,” she warned. “But I’m sure you’ll survive it. And afterward? We can have a chat about your future.”

The knight whined in response, unable to make his lips or tongue move the way he wanted to. He could hardly keep his eyes open, at this stage. Darkness, edged by pleasure, threatened to swallow him up at any minute.

Still, he gathered up what saliva he could, and spat at the arachne. “I won’t give in…” he whispered, promising himself more than anything. “I won’t…” With a final surge of pleasure from the bite, Darren’s eyes closed, and darkness swallowed him whole.


For three days, Darren resided in his cocoon, floating in darkness and pleasure. He was aware of his body during that time, aware of it changing, but only vaguely. A warmth in his chest, a tightness in his hips, and a burning sensation in his groin.

As well as a definitive warmth in his center: the growing and filling of a womb.

He should have been upset about that, he knew. His body was being changed, and used against his will.

So why was it that he wanted to smile, whenever he thought of the child within him? He wanted to grin, at the thought of baring life. He wanted to cradle whatever came out of him, and pester it with love and affection, and teach it to be kind.

Was it an effect of the venom? Or was it something scarier than that – a native desire to protect his child? He had to remind himself that the creature would be a monster, like her mother.

Her other mother, that is… Because Darren was her mother, too.

He wondered if the arachne who had done this to him had had a human mother. He’d never thought to ask that. He’d never thought of her as anything but something to kill.

Is that how people would view his daughter? As just a monster to kill? The thought made him miserable.

He wanted to cry, to weep, to wipe out the world with a river of tears. The thought that this world was too cruel to allow his daughter’s existence was too hard to bear.

He knew it was ridiculous. He knew that he himself should be the first in line to take down this monster, who was warping his body with her very being.

He wished, instead, that he could press a hand against his belly and feel his child move.

What was happening to him?

Unable to move, unable to cry, and unable to come up with an answer, Darren waited in his cocoon for the day of release.


Darren awoke. He was splayed out on the ground, drenched in sweat, and too weak to move. His armor had been striipped from him, as had his underclothes, and the naked body underneath had been changed.

To start with, he had breasts. Large, soft hills of porcelain that looked more than large enough to fill a man’s hands. They sported perky pink nipples, about as thick as his pinky finger.

His limbs had also changed. His arms were skinnier than before, and his hands were smaller. His legs were no longer muscled, and his feet were dainty. His hips and ass, however, had both expanded, the latter in particular having grown quite a bit of cushioning.

Wanting to know the extent of the changes, Darren lifted a hand to his face. It had changed considerably, from the feel of it – his nose was smaller, and his cheekbones were higher, and he suspected that even his eyes might have shifted shape.

His close cut brown hair had blossomed, as well, becoming luxurious brunette curls that descended down his waist. 

The most startling change, however, had to be his stomach: it had grown three sizes, and looked for all the world like the newly pregnant belly of a girl. “And speaking of girldom…”

Reaching around that belly, he pressed a finger between his legs. As expected, he found only supple folds.

“So I really have been transformed…” Darren sighed. “I suppose I’ll need a new name. …Perhaps Carol, after my mother….? Or Asidia, after my grandma…”

“I’ve always been fond of the name Lucy, myself,” remarked a voice, causing the knight to look up.

The arachne was hanging upside down from the ceiling, her head hovering a few inches above him. She was wearing a smile on her face. “I hope you don’t think that this is over. It’ll be months before you give birth, and I have no intention of letting you fall into human hands before then.”

“…I’m going to stick with Asidia, I think,” declared the newly named Asidia, a slight smile on her face. “And I’m glad you’re taking me with you. I doubt me or the child would be safe among humans.”

Leshi frowned. She frowned, and then reached out to gently pinch Asidia’s nipple, sending a mix of pain and pleasure through the human. “Hello? Is my human knight in there? I thought you were a struggler.”

“And now I’m a mother. Blame it on the venom, if you’d like.” Asidia placed a hand on her stomach, as she spoke, and smiled when she felt the baby kick – with four legs, at once.  “Did you ever have a mother?” 

“…A long time ago. I was torn from her, when a sorcerer ruled that I was compatible with his experiments.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” was Asidia’s honest reply. “No one deserves to be taken from their parents. But my child won’t share that fate. I’m going with you.”

“…You’re insane…” the arachne muttered. “Hormones must have addled your brain.”

“Then call me insane,” Asidia replied, gently rubbing her naked belly. “After you get me breakfast. This is your child, too, you know – and she’s starving, right now.”

The arachne could only stare in confusion, as the human cradled her belly and smiled. 

“You don’t get it yet,” Asidia told her. “Maybe you never will. But we’re going to be parents, soon. So what do you say we at least call it a draw, on the fighting, and try to get along?”

“…You’re surprisingly reasonable,” Leshi admitted, crossing her arms. “What’s gotten into you?”

“Oh, you know… A child…”

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