The Roommate – Chapter 9

Daniel set the table. As usual, Rebecca was cooking. Less usual – she’d brought a friend. Ashley: A blonde lady, who kept shooting Daniel dirty looks, and trying to wrap an arm around Rebecca. The girl looked pretty enough, David supposed. Small, maybe five foot three, with long blonde hair that looked as if it had never seen a pair of scissors. He’d have probably flirted with her, if she didn’t clearly have a favorite in this house.

“So… what do you do for a living?” Daniel asked, trying to keep a polite smile on his face. Ashley had just finally scored a hug on Rebecca, sliding arms around the chef while she was plating their food. Eggplant parmesan, served with red wine. Water for Daniel, though. He was still a little concerned about the growing fat content of his body, even if it was centered in a few choice places that Rebecca had hypnotized him not to think about. Still, it was said that an occasional glass of red was good for the heart, and he’d relented.

“I’m in the music industry,” Ashley whispered, rubbing her face in Rebecca’s red locks. She looked like she was trying to memorize the scent of the chef’s conditioner.

“She works in a music store,” Rebecca translated, breaking away from Ashley to carry the plates to the table. “And she’s considering a line of self help tapes. She helped with the ones I listen to – didn’t you, Ashley?”

For some reason Daniel couldn’t quite grasp, his roommate’s smile looked almost poisonous. “Is there something wrong with the tapes?”

“No,” they answered in union. They weren’t looking at him, though, they were looking at each other in the eyes. Rebecca with a frown, and Ashley with a faint smile.

“O. Kay then.” Daniel cut into his food, a little red tomato sauce squirting as he cut through the fibers of the plant and took a bite. “This is good,” he said, hoping to distract them. Rebecca smiled at the compliment, but Ashley smiled even wider. 

“My Rebecca’s a wonderful chef, isn’t she?” The blonde hadn’t even cut into her own food, yet. Her eyes were all for Rebecca, her plump lips set into a happy little smile.

The chef grunted, in response to them both, and took a bite of food. “I thought after dinner we’d listen to some new music. Ashley has this CD she’s been dying to show me – haven’t you?”

The blonde nodded, slowly, her lips now pulled taut into a thin smile that didn’t look entirely natural on her round face, with those plump lips. “Yeah. If you don’t mind…. Daniell was it?”

“Daniel.” He tried to give a smile, himself, and hoped it looked real. The two of them were freaking him out a little, and he hoped he could have a conversation with Rebecca about this later. In private. Assuming Ashley wasn’t planning to stay over, at least. 

The rest of the dinner was held in blissful silence. Rebecca looked like she wanted to get the dinner with as soon as possible, and Daniel understood the feeling, but Ashley looked as if she was trying to savor every bite. She hadn’t actually tasted her wine, all night.

After Rebecca and Daniel were all but done, she was still only half way done with her meal, and Daniel was left pushing the last bite of food around his plate. Feeling awkward, and uncertain, and scared to say anything that would prolong the dinner, he smiled at both of them. Then, unsure what else to say or do, he added “Good meal.”

“Isn’t Rebecca just the best chef?” Ashley asked, taking in another small bite of food. She still had half of her plate left. “I love savoring everything she makes. Every bite, every drop.” Another small bite. “Everything about her meals are perfect for munching down on. Don’t you agree, Daniel?”

“I… Guess?” he smiled, unsure if that was the reaction he wanted. “She knows how to make healthy taste good, anyway.”

“You should see what she can do with the unhealthy.” Ashley’s smile looked almost poisonous, and Rebecca shot her friend a glare, as if hoping that would shut her up. “The things she can do to you. With a meal, I mean. It should be illegal.”

“Ashley…” Rebecca’s voice had a low growl to it, an anger that took Daniel by surprise. Sure, Ashley was being a little weird – but a compliment was a compliment, right? He considered biting the bullet and asking if something was going on, but then Ashley spoke again.

“Why don’t you put on that CD I made you, Rebecca?” Ashley smiled. “I gave it to you, earlier, right? The one you watched me make. Just pop it in the CD player, and have a nice conversation with Daniel while I finish eating…”

“We couldn’t just leave you,” Daniel insisted, automatically. Truthfully, it would be nice to escape the dinner table…

“Please,” Ashley insisted. “Go on. Take a listen.”

Rebecca eyed Ashley for a moment, and then shrugged, looking over to Daniel for permission. He still felt a little weird about this, but nodded, since it didn’t seem like their guest would be finished any time soon.

Rebecca got up to go to the living room, as Ashley sunk her teeth into another small bite. Ashley waited until Rebecca was out of the room before whispering “She likes you, you know; but you’ll never be her favorite, as long as I’m around.”

Daniel stared in confusion, and a little uncertainty. “She’s a lesbian. And I’m a guy. I don’t think I’m the competition you need to worry about – are you sure you haven’t gotten me confused with an actual girl?”

Ashley snorted, and opened her mouth – but shut it, as music flowed into the room. A soothing tone that somehow made Daniel feel sleepy. Relaxed. Without quite meaning to, he lifted a hand to scratch at his chest. Those weird bug bites were still there, even though he hadn’t gone to a doctor recently. Little bumps beneath his nipples, almost like…

Daniel couldn’t think of the word. He knew he should have been concerned about that, but for some reason he wasn’t. With the music playing, nice and relaxing, it was hard to be worried about anything as he started to slip into sleep, right there at the table. “I’m sorry…” he murmured, softly. “I think I need to go to bed…”

“That’s right,” came Rebecca’s voice from behind him. “Go to bed. And wake up. Daniell.”


Rebecca stood by the dining room table, with a little frown on her face. She didn’t like being rushed into things, especially not hypnosis. These tapes were meant to guide Daniel in his sleep, not forcefully hypnotize him while awake. Though she’d had Ashley help her craft this particular tape to ease hypnosis, and she had to admit – it had worked like a charm. At least, judging by how Daniel was slumped over the table, without even enough presence of mind to push his plate away.

“Daniell?” she called, and he stirred, slowly sitting up. “Are you alright, Daniell?”

“I’m fine…” Daniell’s voice was breathy. There was still a masculine undertone, but she was trying. She might need some vocal training, or even surgery, to get the breathy and beautiful voice that Rebecca imagined for her. “I messed up my shirt.”

“Go ahead and take it off,” Ashley suggested, taking another bite of her own food. She had an amused look on her face, when Daniell turned around in her chair to look at Rebecca.

“May I?” the brunette asked. “It’s really messy…”

“Go ahead.” Rebecca smiled, while Daniell took off her shirt. It was a little odd, seeing the toned stomach of her roommate and dream girl and then…. The tiny little bug bite breasts, barely sprouting from her chest. Still, the very fact that the Daniell before her identified as a girl sent little shivers of delight through Rebecca as she strode around the table to get a better look.

“So this is what you’re doing to him, huh?” Ashley asked, taking another bite of her food. She had a smile on her lips, that didn’t reach her eyes. “Giving him breasts. You gonna get him surgery, too?”

“Maybe,” Rebecca murmured. “Eventually. Implants, at least, and maybe some hair extensions… Now be quiet, or I’ll put you under, too.”

Ashley shrugged, continuing to eat her food silently while Rebecca reached forward to ever so gently flick her finger against Daniell’s right nipple, making the new girl shudder. “Come on, girls,” Rebecca grinned after a moment. “We’ve got some shopping to do.”

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