The Roommate – Chapter 7

Rebecca stretched, arms and legs splaying out from the center of the bed. She grasped the sheets, rubbing the back of her head against the pillow and arching her body. It was quite the show – though there was no one to see it, being as she still had the bed to herself. The brief image of Ashley flashed through her head, the memory of their last physical night together. Her ex running fingers through her long blonde hair, thrusting her chest out for Rebecca to see. The redhead had taken those long locks of hair and tied them around Ashley’s hands, trapping them in place, while she’d ravished the woman’s body. She couldn’t remember why they hadn’t worked out, all of a sudden. She knew there was a reason, but it seemed to dance right outside her reach.

Then she remembered the CD her manipulative ex had given her. Apparently with a hidden message, telling anyone who listened how nice it would be to fuck with Ashley. Co-opting the hidden message that Rebecca had actually wanted, which just told you that you were a strong and confident women. …Of course, she’d been using it on a man, but the hypocrisy of that bothered her less than the betrayal. Besides, Rebecca remembered why she’d broken up with Ashley, now. Ashley was too much of a power bottom, always having to be in control of exactly how she was dominated. 

She clung to the anger that filled her, as another image of Ashley filled her head. This time, it was of the first night they’d met. Before she’d been introduced to self-hypnosis, she’d been a lot shyer and subbier. It had been Ashley who had approached, a blush on her face, and a couple of martinis in her hands. Offering one to Rebecca to help boost the girl’s courage before whispering what she wanted the redhead to do to her. The rest of that night was hazy, but she could recall flashes of skin and pleasure. 

She needed to banish those thoughts. She needed to visit Ashley. She needed to fuck Ashley, at least one more time. No, she needed to get Ashley out of her life, and out of her subliminal message CD. She would confront her friend, and get the girl to restore the music back to where it would simply hypnotize Daniel into Daniell, without turning both of them into Ashley’s harem.

The first thing she had to do was go to work. That was more difficult than she’d expected, her mind practically dancing with thoughts of Ashley as she worked on everything from barbeque chicken to steamed vegetables. She closed her eyes to savor the image of her naked ex, more than once throughout the day. She focused on getting through it, though, and after eight solid hours of cooking she was moving toward her red car, getting into the plush seats, and driving toward Ashley’s house.

Images of the blonde continued to flash through her brain as she drove, more of them coming the closer she got to her girlfriend’s… her ex girlfriend’s home. She pulled into the driveway, next to the white car Ashley and her had bought together. Knocked on the woman’s door, feeling her head pound. She didn’t know what had been in that CD, but when Ashley opened the door wrapped only in a towel, it took everything Rebecca had not to rip the fabric off of the gorgeous, petite woman, lift her up, and begin to ravish her breasts.

Instead, she thrust the CD at the woman with a low growl of “Get. It. Off.”

Ashley blinked at her for a moment, mouth open in a small circle of surprise. She held that for a moment, looking perfectly kissable, but then sighed. “It’ll go away on its own, if you stop using the CD…”

“I said to get it off,” Rebecca snarled. “I need the CD.” It was obviously a very effective hypnotism tool. She couldn’t afford to go without it, when she was so close to freeing Daniell from her roommate’s body. “It makes me feel good.”

“Of course it does…” Ashley smiled. “It’s all about what a great time we had as girlfriend’s. Don’t you remember? The wild nights…” She shuddered, stepping inside, so that Rebecca would follow her. The redhead reluctantly came in behind, closing the door as Ashley let her towel slip, and showed off the roundness of her rear end. She turned, slowly, giving Rebecca just a glimpse of her shaved slit and perky nipples. Then she started to  move toward the bedroom. “Tell you what,” Ashley whispered, softly. “I’ll fix the CD for you. Put it exactly how you wanted it. If you can give me another night like that last one we had…” The small woman shuddered a little at her own words, apparently reliving the memory. “Tying me up. Binding me with my own hair. Come on. You know you want to…”

Rebecca didn’t say anything. She gritted her teeth and stepped forward, grabbing Ashley by the shoulders and spinning the woman around. She looked down at her ex, who stood at five foot three. She let one of her hands slip down the woman’s side, behind her back and under her hair. She wrapped the arm around the woman’s waist, and picked up the woman. She was light, even for someone who didn’t keep in shape, and Ashley’s lips were lifted up to hers for a long kiss, tongue darting out and flicking across the other woman’s lips. She pushed inside the mouth, tangling with the tongue, tasting the woman’s sweet mouth for a moment and then pulling back. She lowered the woman to the floor, squeezed her eyes shut, and shook her head back and forth.

“One night…” she whispered, not believing what was coming out of her mouth. She could feel her resolve wavering, though, even if it was just because of the subliminal messages her ex had left in that CD. She needed the cooperation of this woman, she reminded herself, and she wasn’t officially with Daniell yet. So it wasn’t really cheating. It was just having one last hurrah with a woman she’d once loved.

“One night,” She repeated. “And you’ll fix the CD?”

“I’ll fix the CD…” Ashley promised, a smile spreading across her lips. She stood on tiptoes to press her lips against Rebecca’s, and the redhead allowed it. She relished it, if she was being honest, though she hated what had brought her here today. As always with Ashley, Rebecca had to wonder how much of this had been her choice, and how much of this was what Ashley had wanted all along.

She allowed the smaller woman to take her hand, and gently guide her down the hall, into a bedroom she recognized with navy blue sheets and a light pink blanket that they had picked out together. It could have been their last night together, all over again, as Ashley laid back on the bed, smiling up at Rebecca. The blonde had asked for one more night back then, too. The redhead had, as always, agreed.

Tonight, Rebecca crawled across the bed, breath quickening as she pressed her lips against Ashley’s and pushed a hand into the other woman’s shoulder. The blonde let out a low hum into the kiss, running her finger through Rebecca’s firey red hair in a not so subtle reminder of what she had asked for. The redhead gently touched the woman’s hair in response, gathering a handful of it together and beginning to braid it, even as she kissed the other woman’s chin and neck. She could do this without looking, thanks to much practice. The long hair nearly touched Ashley’s thighs when she was standing, and by pulling the woman’s leg up and pushing her head back she was able to tie it around Ashley’s ankle. Another braid was attached to her remaining leg, and then smaller braids closer to the front of her head attached themselves to Ashley’s hands, keeping her arms up against the scalp so that she couldn’t untie herself. Not that the blonde wanted to.

There was room for one more braid, which Rebecca tied to the bedpost, making absolutely sure that Ashley wouldn’t be able to wiggle off the bed. That caught Ashley off guard, and Rebecca smiled at a flash of real worry on the blonde’s face. She could see that the woman was actually a little scared of what would happen, bound up even more completely than she’d been on their last night. If Rebecca wanted to leave her here, there was nothing stopping her. Nothing but her need for the CD. Besides, she didn’t want to break her word.

Instead, she leaned down to kiss Ashley’s exposed, neck, arched backward by its bonds to her feet. She suckled the flesh, and lightly bit the skin, before moving down the flesh to gently kiss the arm, the sides, the bottom. She nipped the back cheeks, drawing out a surprised yelp from the bound woman, and laughing herself as she placed fingers gently on Ashley’s thighs. She slowly dipped her fingers against the other woman’s folds, gently massaging the outer skin and then dipping ever so lightly into the channel. Pressing against the walls, kissing the nipples, and nipping the pebbled flesh with a small smile.

“This is nice…” Ashley whispered, and Rebecca gave her a terse smile. She didn’t want to admit that the blonde was right, so she just bit the woman’s nipple and tugged the flesh to stretch it a little. The hand that wasn’t now pistoning its way into Ashley’s body began to climb up the blonde’s side, squeezing her breast and running a finger across the flesh. She wanted to make Ashley squeal, and she got her wish as she released the nipple from between her teeth and instead began to kiss and lick the taut skin.

“Don’t you miss how it used to be?” Ashley whispered, and Rebecca grunted in response. She wished there was hair left to gag her ex with, but failing that she only moved up to kiss the blonde on her mouth, putting her entire weight on the woman’s breast as she started to flick the clit with her other hand’s thumb and rub her slit. As soon as she parted the kiss for breath, though, Ashley waws back at it.

“Come on,” she whispered. “Stay with me…”

“I can’t…” Rebecca admitted, looking away. Her hand didn’t stop pushing into Ashley, but she did look away from the woman who she was busily fucking. She didn’t like her answer, and from the way Ashley tensed it wasn’t what she expected. Rebecca herself could feel the pressure in her mind to just say yes, likely more of the blonde’s conditioning. She wasn’t going to give in though.

“Why not?” Ashley asked, teeth a little gritted. “You were the best I ever had. I know I was the best you’ve ever been with.” She said that with utmost confidence, and Rebecca didn’t disagree. “Why don’t you want to be with me?”

“Because I’m in love with someone else…” she whispered the words, just barely loud enough to be heard. “More than I’m in lust with you.” There was a pause, and Rebecca’s fingers stopped their pumping movement through Ashley’s body. The only sound was them breathing in time with one another. 

“You’re in love with someone else…” Ashley spoke, flatly. 

Rebecca nodded. “I’m sorry…” Rebecca pulled her fingers out of Ashley, and began to undo the hair ties. “I’m sorry.”

Ashley didn’t respond. She looked at the nightstand, instead, where she’d put the CD. “…I’ll fix your CD…” she whispered, softly.

“And then I never want to see you again.”

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