The Roommate – Chapter 14

Ashley wasn’t on the couch when Rebecca came back out. The girl’s car wasn’t in the driveway anymore, either. This didn’t concern Rebecca, however. She only dug her phone out of her pocket, scrolled through her contacts, and selected Ashley, all with an impatient frown.

The phone rang only once, before being picked up. The only sound that came through was soft, hesitant breathing, and then there was a faint beep as the line disconnected. But that was to be expected…

Rebecca called again. This time, the moment the phone was answered, she whispered the key words. “I’d feel very betrayed if you hung up the phone..”

She heard a faint squeak on the other side, and then a panicked sob. “I’m going to the police! I’m going to turn us both in for what we’ve done! You can’t… You can’t do what you’re doing!”

“I already have. I know you’re the one who helped Daniell find out what I did… but finding out about the hypnosis just acted as a cataclysm. Daniell, as she is now, will back up anything I say in court. The only one who will go to jail is you. Except you’re not going to go to jail… because you’re going to turn around, at the first legal opportunity, and then you’re going to come back here. And you’re going to help me sort things out with my new girlfriend. Or I’ll feel very betrayed. And you wouldn’t want that. Correct?”

“I…” A faint sob could be heard through the phone line. “I’ll… Be back… Soon.”

Rebecca’s lips pulled upward into a small smile, as she ended the call. Ashley was in her pocket, thanks to the conditioning she’d put the girl through. Daniell was almost fully formed. Everything was going… Well. More or less. It had only been a week since she’d started feeling Daniell pills, and she still had another two week supply. Since Daniell was fully hypnotized, it wouldn’t be an issue to get her directly prescribed more of whatever they needed, either. And as long as they kept up the hypnosis, then she could stop with the mood eveners and such, and stick purely to the hormonal regiment that had shown such wonderful effects so far. 

Well. Perhaps Rebecca was getting a little ahead of herself. She still needed to stomp Daniell and Ashley’s remaining will to resist, and rebel. Ashley in particular would need to be punished for this little stunt, as well… but she could worry about that later. As of now, she could hear her little blonde friend’s car pulling into the driveway.

Humming happily under her breath, Rebecca moved to the front of the house, opening the door and smiling at Ashley, who was reluctantly making her way up to the house. “Don’t look so glum, dear; you should be happy. You finally have a place in my life, again.”

“As what…” Ashley did her best to muster an angry glare, putting her hands on her hips and glaring up at the taller woman. With those reddened eyes, though, Rebecca could only view the expression as petulant, and near tears. “I don’t want to be your fuck slave…”

“I’d like to think of you as more of a side piece, really…” Rebecca smiled, ignoring Ashley’s continued glare. “Come on, now… You know there’s no way I can let you go. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun now and again. Once I’ve reprogrammed you a little, to help with your loyalty, it can be just like old times! You want that, don’t you?” Rebecca’s smile widened as she spoke, and she stepped forward to cup Ashley’s cheek in her hands. “You want to be with me. I know you do.”

Ashley pushed the redhead’s hand aside, roughly, before striding past her and into the house. “I want the old you back…” she whispered, in passing, just loud enough for Rebecca to hear.

The redhead only smiled in response, closing the door and moving back into the living room. She gestured to a tablet, laying on the couch besides a pair of headphones. “I was going to ask you for help with training the newly awoken Daniell… but since you apparently still have it in you to betray me, we’re going to get started with programming that out of you. Using those hypno files you love so much. Isn’t that grand?” 

Ashley walked over to the couch, and slumped into the couch without a sound. She put on the headphones without being asked, turned on the tablet, and simply watched the screen as colors began to flash across it, accompanied by music. The air in which she carried herself was resigned, at first, but the moment the colors began to flash, Ashley’s jaw began to go slack, and her eyes started to clear. The fear and sadness went away, replaced by a dull happiness at seeing such bright and pretty things, and listening to nice music.

Honestly, Rebecca preferred Ashley this way; happy, content, and unable to think of betraying her. It was almost tempting to keep her in this vegetative state – but it wouldn’t be very practical. With that in mind, Rebecca hurriedly retrieved a laptop from her room, and used a micro USB cord to connect her computer to the tablet.

She was going to create some new music, and upload it into Ashley’s playlist. Once she’d listened to that for a few hours… The fun with Daniell could begin.


Daniel wondered, idly, how long she had been asleep for. A few minutes? A few hours? A few days? Weeks? Months? It felt like months, since Rebecca had told her to go to sleep. She was still, in fact, asleep at this moment… Her eyes were closed. Her head was on the pillow. Her breathing was shallow, and came at an easy pace. She could not move her limbs. But she was still, ever so barely, aware. Perhaps, then, she wasn’t really asleep at all – but merely entranced.

Not that it made much difference. Even the pace of her thoughts had been slowed, in this pace, and merely coming to the conclusion that she wasn’t quite asleep took so long that she was surprised the trance hadn’t ended yet. Perhaps Rebecca had gotten distracted? …Perhaps Rebecca was just going to leave her like this.

Fear flickered in Daniell’s heart at that thought, and for a moment her heartbeat spiked – and her fingers twitched, and her eyes started to open – but then she heard Rebecca’s voice, in the back of her mind, telling her to relax. To calm down. To sleep. To trust that whatever Rebecca did, it was for the best.

Daniell’s heartbeat slowed. Her breathing became even. And she even smiled, ever so faintly, as some of the fear and worry was sealed away by the trance like state. So what if Rebecca had put her in this sleep like state? So what if Rebecca had altered her very identity, in such a personal way? Those things might seem horrible, and cruel, but they could be worried about later. They were far away, unimportant little factoids that had to be ignored for the greater good. Right now, Daniell should be focusing on her breathing. The way it went in and out, in and out. If she lost herself in that, she might manage to burn through the time before her eventual awakening.

There would be an eventual awakening, of course. After all, Rebecca had gone through so much to make Daniell into a girl. She didn’t know what had been done, exactly… but she’d started growing breasts within a week, and she had hips, and a pert ass, and her name was apparently Daniell now… She could only imagine that a lot of effort had gone into things, and that it wasn’t going to be thrown away now that Daniell was finally ready. She only had to wait until the trance ended, and then she could ask all the questions that were bothering her.

Like why her? How had it been done? And what was Rebecca planning on doing, now that Daniell finally identified as a girl? She’d said something about making Daniell her girlfriend… but did Daniell really feel that way about Rebecca? Sure, she liked the woman – or had, at least – and yes, the woman was essentially responsible for bringing her into existence… but Daniell wasn’t sure how she actually felt. Mostly because she wasn’t sure she could feel much of anything, in the void.

These questions were probably best asked after she’d been woken up. She wasn’t even sure she would remember this time, in the void, after all. In the trance. And it was so hard to think, right now. So hard to be aware, and awake, and mentally moving. It would be so much easier to just lose herself in the breathing, wouldn’t it? To just relax, and sleep, and let Rebecca’s commands wash over her… Whatever Rebecca needed. Whatever she wanted. Whatever she asked for.

It wasn’t like Daniell could go against her creator’s wishes, anyway. Rebecca had somehow seen to that, already.

“Daniel?” A voice whispered in the darkness; a familiar voice, that Daniell wanted to answer to – but it wasn’t calling for her. It wasn’t saying the right name.


There it was.

Daniell’s eyes opened, and light flooded the girl’s vision, dazzling her. She had been… She had been thinking about something. But she wasn’t sure what, anymore. She felt refreshed, and relaxed, and happy. She smiled, without thinking, as her blue eyes met Rebecca’s green. And then she frowned.

Because standing behind Rebecca, holding a pair of headphones in her hands, and wearing a goofy grin, was a very naked Ashley.

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