The Roommate – Chapter 13

Rebecca had been surprised to find Ashley on her couch, reading one of her books. Surprised, a little irritated, and a bit put off by the expression of pure judgement on the blonde’s face, but considering everything Ashley had done in her time it wasn’t like she could say anything. Besides, Rebecca had programmed her not to give away any information.

“So you found my secret stash.” Rebecca smiled, faintly. “Put it back when you’re done. Where’s Daniel?” she moved toward her room as she spoke, to discard her jacket and purse. “I need help with the groceries.”

Ashley didn’t reply, and Rebecca was already at her door. She opened it, and stopped. Froze, rather. Because the answer to her question was that Daniel was standing in her room, another of her books in her hands. The ones detailing how to hypnotize men into acting more feminine.

“Daniel?” she called.

He shook his head, slowly, finally closing the book and turning to face her. “I think…. I am… Daniell?” she whispered, voice pitched a little higher than normal, a little breathier than was usual for her. “I am Daniell. That’s what you call me… isn’t it?”

“…Daniel…” Rebecca whispered, voice soft and uncertain. “I need you to listen to me. The books were a gift from someone. I didn’t know what was in them, either. I don’t know what-”

“I don’t care about the books…” Daniell shook her head. “I care about the fact that I exist. The fact that you made me exist. I’m Daniell… and I’m a girl… because you made me…”

Rebecca hesitated, uncertain what to say to that accusation. She had planned to bring Daniell into existence slowly, supplanting Daniel bit by bit. She had not expected Daniell to suddenly crystalize as a working human being. “I…”

“Thank you.”

“Huh?” Rebecca wasn’t sure she’d heard that right. Wasn’t sure she could have possibly heard that right, because it sounded an awful lot like Daniell had just said-

“Thank you,” the gardener repeated. “I don’t know if it’s just how much you messed with my mind; I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me, or if there was always something wrong with me and you just… accidentally fixed it. But I’m a girl, because of you; and I can’t imagine being anything other than a girl. Maybe also because of you? But either way, I’m me, because of you. So thank you. I mean I don’t want you to do anything else to me. But thank you.”

Rebecca continued to stare, for a long moment, her eyes wide and her heart beating fast. “I… created you….” A small smile spread across her features. “I made you.” Her eyes lit up with delight, her brow narrowing down as she stepped forward to grab Daniell’s hand, squeezing calloused fingers. “And I can do whatever I want with you. I can’t believe I actually made you! Daniell! I made you a girl!”

“You did… I think?” Daniell let out a nervous laugh. “At least. I don’t think I was a girl, before. But now I have boobs, and I can’t call them bug bites, and my name’s Daniell, and you… did that. To me. And I don’t entirely mind it. Though I really don’t like this whole you can do whatever you want to with me idea?”

“No. Of course you wouldn’t.” Rebecca grinned. “…But I can. I’ve been so nervous this entire time, because you might have found out and resisted, but you found out and all it did was make you more mine. You even like how you’ve ended up! You’re really the perfect girlfriend….”

Daniell’s mouth opened and closed, gaping for a moment as she tried to process everything that had been said. Where she ended up though was on one word: “Girlfriend?”

“Of course.” Rebecca grinned. “I didn’t turn you into a girl just for the sake of it, you know! You’re already pretty perfect personality wise – we could maybe work on getting rid of a toxic masculinity trait or two – it was just your body and that stupid attachment to being male that I needed to get rid of… and now that it’s gone, you’re perfect.”

“I’m perfect…” Daniell whispered, then shook her head. “I think I need to get out of here. I think. I need to think for a while. About – about you, about all this. About being a girl. I thought maybe it was all going to be okay, but this is a bit much…” She started to walk through the door, past Rebecca, but the redhead grabbed her arm and tugged her back, pushing her toward the bed.

“Sit.”  Daniell sat. Rebecca smiled. She stepped toward the bed, and placed her hand on Daniell’s shoulder. “I want to kiss you, now. That’s okay. Isn’t it?” She phrased it as a question, but she was already leaning forward. Pressing her lips lightly against Daniell’s. She could feel the softness of them, softer than any man’s had a right to be – though it was offset by his stubble. “We’ll have to get you laser hair removal…” she muttered, parting.

“Lasers… isn’t that a bit permanent?”

“Not as permanent as electrolysis,” Rebecca admitted, turning her head to the side. “That’s alright, isn’t it? I mean. You’re a girl, permanently; and I’ve already started you down the road to transitioning. So we might as well get rid of that facial hair.”

“R-Right…” Daniell whispered, eyes darting away. “I really think. I need to think on some stuff for myself.”

“And I think that you should stay where I can keep an eye on you. Unless there’s a reason you wanted to get out of my sight?” Such as going to the police. The paranoid thought entered Rebecca’s mind, but the redhead smiled and tried to push it aside. This was Daniell. The cook knew her creation wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. …She was pretty sure, anyway.  “I think we should get to know each other some.”

“And I think I should get to know myself some…” Daniell countered, her voice small and uncertain. “I just got created. I guess. Or. I don’t know how much of me is Daniel, and how much of me is… whatever you put in my head.” She looked away from Rebecca, again, her brown eyes unfocused, a little tear trying to escape the corner. “I need to think some.”

“Of course…” Rebecca purred, gently touching the eye, gently wiping away the tear. “Of course you do. I understand. It’s just…. I can’t really. Allow that.”

“What do you mean you can’t allow that?” Daniell demanded, trying to move backward. Rebecca grabbed her hand, though, and Daniell didn’t pull away. “You transformed you. You changed my brain. You can at least allow me a little time to think!”

“Not if you might decide against staying with me. Or decide to go to the police…” Rebecca gently ran her thumb against the inside of Daniell’s wrist, lightly feeling the strong muscles, the tendons. She reached her other hand up to take Daniell by the hair, running her fingers through the shaggy strands. “Don’t worry, though. I’m going to take care of you.”

“Take care of me…” Daniell whispered. “What do you intend to do to take care of me?”

“I’m going to hypnotize you into obeying my every command. Into not being able to resist me. Into being a proper, confident girl. Who does whatever I tell her to. Isn’t that nice?”

“You’re insane…” Daniell didn’t pull away, though. “I. I can’t do this. Just because you made me a girl-”

“If I made you a girl, I can make you anything I want.” Rebecca smiled. “Now sleep…”

“Sleep!?” Daniell’s voice was a strangled squeak. “How am I supposed to sleep after everthing that-”

“Just listen to my voice…” Rebecca purred, gently running fingers through the woman’s hair. “Just listen to my voice. Let me guide you toward sleep. Let me lead you by the hand. Listen to my voice. Listen to my voice, as your eyelids get tired. Listen to your voice, as you drift into sleep. Listen to my voice…” she purred the words out, and Daniell’s breathing slowed. Soon, she was calmly sleeping against Rebecca. Already conditioned to listen, it was so easy to lure her into sleep.

“Just lie down…” Rebecca whispered, extricating herself from under Daniell, putting her hands beneath the girl’s shoulder and lowering her to the bed.

“Just lie down…. While I go deal with Ashley.”

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