The Dryad’s Garden

Warning: This is erotica, meant only for those 18 or older. Only those who have reached the age of consent, in the country where they reside, should proceed. If you are not at least eighteen, please exit this page, immediately.

Content warning: involves possession, including sex scenes with a possessed person. The sex scene also involves some emotional duress. It does all work out in the end, but the warning still applies.

Leaning back against a tree, Jessica watched her fellow classmates go to work. Whether setting up tents, gathering wood for the fire, or preparing food for the group, everyone had a job to do. Including Jessica, of course. She was supposed to be helping with the tents. Or maybe the food? She hadn’t really been paying attention.

Jessica,” came a voice, from behind her. “What are you doing? We’re supposed to be gathering wood…”

“…Really? Wood?” Jessica asked. “Huh. Could have sworn it was tents…”


Jessica rolled her eyes, reluctantly turning her attention to the voice’s owner. A brunette woman, with shoulder length brown hair and soft green eyes. She was wearing a red cardigan, today, over a buttoned up white blouse that strained to contain her rather large tits. An ankle length skirt completed the rather pretty picture. A shame, considering how gorgeous those long legs were when uncovered.

“Wh-Why are you staring at my skirt like that?” the brunette asked, voice raising lightly in pitch.

“Just thinking about how gorgeous you’d look in a miniskirt,” Jessica responded, honestly, before grinning at her friend. “I keep telling you, Nancy – change your wardrobe and the boys will be all over you.”

“Wh-What do you know?” Nancy asked, pale cheeks blushing brightly. “You don’t even like boys…”

“You’d get the girls all over you, too,” Jessica promised with a grin. “Seriously, I wish I had the looks you’re wasting.”

Not that Jessica thought she was bad looking. Her red hair was cropped short, in a pixie cut. Her breasts were on the small side, large enough to fill her palms if not much more. Her legs were slender, and she didn’t think they’d lose to Nancy in shape, but she couldn’t boast the sheer length of leg that her friend could offer. She was a pretty girl, in her own mind.

It was just that Nancy was drop dead gorgeous.

“You’re just saying that,” Nancy muttered, looking away. “I’m not… You’re way prettier than me…”

“No. I just know how to dress.” A tight white crop top, that showed off her toned stomach and emphasized what breast she had. A red miniskirt that matched the color of her hair, and offered tantalizing peeks of her black panties. Even if her legs weren’t as delicious as Nancy’s, the fact that people could actually see them made a big difference.

“Y-You’re just trying to distract me!” Nancy declared. “You should be helping me with the wood gathering.”

“Fiiiiine,” Jessica conceded, with an exaggerated sigh. “We can go looking for wood. Deep in the forest. Far away from other people. Too far away for people to hear us scream if things go wrong.”

“Y-You’re not going to scare me like that, you know…” Nancy looked nervously about, despite her brave words. “Th-There haven’t been any bear sightings, right? These woods are safe, right?”

“Relax,” Jessica laughed. “The college wouldn’t send us anywhere dangerous. They’d get the pants sued off them if anyone got hurt on their little freshmen meet and greet.”

“You’re sure?” Nancy asked, biting her lower lip.

“I’m sure,” Jessica promised, rolling her eyes. She’d known Nancy since they were both in diapers, and the girl had been a bundle of nerves even back then. She was frightened of everything from wolves to rabbits. Strangers were on the list too, actually, so this meet and greet was probably one of her worst nightmares…

“Wh-Why are you looking at me like that?” Nancy demanded.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Jessica lied. “Definitely not pitying you. Now come on. Let’s go ‘gather wood’ where nobody can see us.”

“We’re actually going to gather wood, though, right?” Nancy asked, worry painted across her features.

“Of course we are,” Jessica promised, trying to sooth her. “I just want to explore a bit, first.” She’d probably gather wood, in the end, if only to make her friend happy.

“…O-Okay… I trust you,” Nancy whispered, reaching out to take her friend’s hand.

Jessica grabbed hold and led Nancy away from the campsite, and into the woods. Moving further and further away from the new friends they were supposed to be making, it didn’t take long for Nancy to get nervous, again.

“Y-You can find your way back, can’t you?” Nancy asked.

“Relax. I downloaded a compass app to my phone before we set off,” Jessica promised. “And I put a pin on the map where everyone’s gathered.” As long as she had service, she’d be fine.

“D-Do you have service?” Nancy whispered, pulling a phone out of her cardigan. “I don’t. But you do, right?”

Jessica reached into her cleavage, in response, ignoring the blush on Nancy’s cheeks as she drew her phone out. “Nnnnope.”

“Isn’t that a really bad thing!?” Nancy’s voice was coming out as a high pitched squeak of fear, but Jessica only laughed.

“It’ll be fine! These woods aren’t that big. Worse comes to worse, we just use the sun to navigate.” Saying so, she pushed the phone back into her cleavage, and turned her eyes toward the sky.

The day was bright and sunny. It was warm, and the pine trees all about them smelled nice. It was hard to believe that anything bad could happen, on a day like this. She was absolutely convinced that things would work out fine, if they just kept wandering long enough. They’d reach the end of the woods, or they’d find their way back to camp, or they might even find a different campsite and get some help there. The only harm that might come from this was a couple teachers panicking, and a little less wood for the fire.

“You’re too carefree,” Nancy protested. “Getting lost in the woods is serious!”

“And you worry too much,” Jessica countered, smiling. “Come on. Join me on a little adventure. Have some fun with me. It’ll be great.” Fingers still entwined with Nancy’s, Jessica pulled her friend forward, pushing aside branches to make her way forward.


“What is it?” Nancy asked, coming up behind Jessica. “I-it’s not a bear or anything, is… Woah…”

With nothing more to add, Jessica could only nod dumbly beside her friend. Stretched before her was a vast expanse of flowers, tulips, colored red, yellow, white and pink. The flowers filled the entire clearing, from treeline to treeline. There had to be hundreds of them, all crowded together.

Sitting in the center of the clearing, surrounded by a ring of pure white tulips, was a single tree, old and gnarled, with twisted branches. One branch in particular stretched toward the girls, with forked fingers beckoning them forward.

Hanging from that branch was a single red apple, large and heavy enough that it seemed it might fall at any moment.

“Darinna’s tree…” Nancy whispered.

“…No idea who that is, but I sure hope they aren’t stingy with their fruit ‘cause I’m totally nabbing that apple.” Saying so, Jessica released the branch she was holding and started to stride forward through the flowers.

“You can’t!” Nancy protested, gripping Jessica’s hand tight and attempting to pull her back. “That’s Darinna’s tree!”

“And that’s supposed to mean something to me?” Jessica asked, trying to tug her hand free. “She isn’t famous for poisoning apples, is she?”

“N-No! Weren’t you listening on the bus? The professor talked about her – he said she was a nymph, in ancient times, who got turned into an apple tree for refusing to mate with a god.”

“A nymph?” Jessica asked, incredulous. “You’re afraid of a stupid myth like that? I know you’re a scaredy cat, but this is honestly kinda painful…”

“But… Just look at it…” Nancy whispered the words, as if scared of being overheard.

Jessica just shook her head, convinced that her friend had finally lost her marbles. Sure, it was a little weird to see a lone apple tree growing in the middle of a field of flowers. It was probably just someone’s garden, though. Definitely not a mythical nymph.

“If you’re scared, stay here,” she declared after a moment, prying her hand free from her friend’s grip and once again beginning to walk toward the tree.

Again, her hand was grabbed before she could make it even two steps. This time, though, Nancy didn’t try to pull her back. She just walked alongside Jessica, eyes locked fearfully on the tree.

“You’re really too much…” Jessica sighed. She couldn’t help but be a little happy, though. Even if Nancy’s fears were ridiculous, they were still real and the fact that she’d go with Jessica regardless spoke volumes about their relationship. 

“I-It’s just a tree,” Nancy whispered back. “It’s just a tree. It’s just a tree.”

“I’d be more worried about an angry gardener trying to chase us off their property, but you do you.”

Nancy flinched at the words, tearing her eyes off the tree to stare up fearfully at her friend.

“Relax,” Jessica laughed, before Nancy could even say a word. “I’m joking. And look – we’re already at the tree.” Saying so, she casually reached up to grab hold of the apple hanging from its branch. It parted easily, breaking free as if eager to depart, and Jessica wiped it on her shirt before lifting it to her lips.

A rumbling noise stopped her, before she could take her first bite.

“…You skipped breakfast this morning, didn’t you?” Jessica guessed, glancing at Nancy. The sound had come from the other woman’s belly.

“I… I was too nervous about the trip,” Nancy admitted, turning her eyes toward the ground.

Jessica didn’t respond, instead choosing to hold the apple out to her friend.

“W-What? I thought you were going to eat it,” Nancy protested. From the fearful look in her eyes, Jessica might as well have been offering her a snake to snack on.

“I was. But dinner’s not for hours, and I was planning to steal half your lunch. So… Here.” She continued to hold the apple out, waiting for her friend to take it.

The look in Nancy’s eyes said she wanted nothing to do with the fruit but, even as she opened her mouth to protest, her stomach rumbled again.

“Eat it,” Jessica insisted. “Or I’ll make you.”

Reluctantly, Nancy let go of Jessica’s hand to grab the fruit in both hands. She held it gently, using only her fingertips, almost as if she was afraid it would shatter if handled wrong. 

Maybe she was just scared of touching it too much.

“Eat,” Jessica repeated, firmly.

Nodding, Nancy brought the apple up to her lips. Just as delicately as she’d held it, she took a tiny little bite of the red skinned fruit, chewing slowly and finally swallowing.

“See that wasn’t so…” Jessica’s voice trailed off, as Nancy swayed on her feet. “What’s wrong?”

Nancy fell  like a puppet whose strings had been cut. She landed on her side, the apple rolling free of her hands.

“Nancy!?” Jessica screamed, dropping to her own knees. Reaching for Nancy’s wrist, she felt for a pulse, and was relieved to find it strong. “Nancy, if this is a joke, it’s not funny…”

Nancy didn’t respond. She was breathing, and her pulse continued to beat, but her eyes stayed firmly shut.

“Nancy. Please. I don’t have service. I can’t call for help. Please. You have to be okay…” Jessica didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know what had happened. Her mind was racing with possibilities – was the apple poisoned, somehow? Was Nancy having some sort of allergic reaction?

A small whine came from Nancy’s lips, and Jessica’s heart sped up as hope rushed through her.

“Nancy? Please tell me you’re okay…”

“Okay…?” Nancy’s eyes fluttered open as she spoke, and the corner of her lips pulled up into a smile. “Yes. I am okay. More than okay, in fact. I feel… Delightful.”

“Nancy?” Jessica should have been relieved. Her friend was awake, and talking.

So why did that smile send a cold chill down Jessica’s spine?

“Hmmm? Oh. Yes. That’s me. I’m fine,” Nancy promised, still smiling. Without standing, she reached out to grab the apple that had rolled onto the ground. She gripped it with one hand. “I was just surprised by how good this apple tasted. Would you care for a bite?”

“…Who are you?” The words slipped from Jessica’s lips before she could stop them.  

She regretted them immediately. It was a ridiculous question, for one thing: even if her friend was acting strange, Jessica had been staring at Nancy this entire time. There was no way anyone had swapped places with her friend. On top of that, if someone had somehow switched places with Nancy, it wasn’t like they’d be volunteering the information. If anything, she’d just put herself at risk by asking.

Not that there was any danger, because this was obviously Nancy. Maybe she’d had some sort of mini-stroke, or something. She’d definitely need to get checked out. But the idea of it not being Nancy was just ridiculous. Jessica knew that. It was obviously Nancy.

Except the look in Nancy’s eyes wasn’t anything like it should be. Her gaze was calculating, while her smile was almost a smirk. Even as Jessica’s mind was working at a mile a minute to convince her that she was wrong, the smile widened into a predatory grin.

“What gave it away?” the stranger asked, in Nancy’s voice. “Was it the way I speak? S-Should I try to stutter more, like you’re little friend? Perhaps a more  nervous demeanor? Do tell me – I want to get it right for all your other friends.”

“N-Nancy?” Jessica’s voice trembled, slightly. “Y-you’re joking, right? You’re playing a prank on me? You’re not… There’s no way you got body snatched, right?”

“My. You certainly seem nervous. And here I thought your friend was the… How did you put it? Scaredy cat?” The stranger stood as she spoke, raising her arms and arching her back in a langurious stretch.

“…What did you do to my friend?” Jessica asked, voice barely a whisper.

“Hmmm? Your friend… Well, she’s still alive if that’s what you’re wondering.” The woman was smirking, again. It looked wrong, seeing Nancy’s face like that.

“Who are you?” Jessica asked, next.

“My. I thought you’d have figured it out by now. Your friend gave you all the clues, after all. Though if you need a hint…?”

“You’re… That nymph. Aren’t you? The one from the myth.”

“‘That nymph’? How rude. The name is Darinna, dear – and you’d do well to remember it. Considering we’re going to be the best of friends, from here on in…”

“Friends!?” Jessica repeated, voice raising to a hysterical pitch. “Friends!? You think I’m going to be friends with a body snatcher like you!? Give me back Nancy. Give me back my friend!” She rose to her feet as she spoke, fists clenched so tight her knuckles were white, nails digging harshly into her palms.

“Careful, dear. You’ll hurt yourself like that,” Darinna warned, grinning again. Her eyes trailed over Jessica as she spoke, lingering for a moment on Jessica’s bust and ass.

“Are you… Are you checking me out?” Jessica asked, hardly able to believe it.

“Checking you…?” The woman tilted her head to the side for a moment, confusion clear in her eyes. The confusion cleared before Jessica could even respond, though, and that predatory smile came back to her lips. “Ah. I see. Yes, I suppose I am – it’s been a while since a pretty girl stood before me, after all. Even longer since I was last able to do something about it…”

“You’re gay…?” Jessica asked.

“Well, there’s a reason I refused to sleep with that god, you know. Even knowing what could happen to me. …I suppose they leave that detail out of the stories, these days?”

“I’m pretty sure I’d have remembered it, so yeah.” Jessica hadn’t really been paying attention to their professor during the bus ride over. Nancy had been listening to him drone on, though, and Jessica was pretty sure Nancy would have gotten her attention if that little detail had come up. Even if Jessica didn’t give a rat’s ass about extracirruclar education, she still loved to hear stories about her fellow gay girls.

This wasn’t the time for consolidarity, though.

“Look. I’m sorry you got imprisoned by some shitty god who couldn’t take you not falling all over his dick, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to take my friend’s body!”

“No? But I’ve been trapped for oh so long…” Darinna pouted. “I can only grow one apple every hundred years – and most of the time they just end up falling to the ground, rotten, without a proper host ever coming by… You were quite the godsend, really. Though I didn’t think you’d make your friend eat the apple.”

Guilt stabbed through Jessica, and she flinched back. “I didn’t know…”

“No? But your friend warned you, didn’t she?” Darinna inquired, tilting her head to the right and tapping a finger against her cheek. “She was so sure nothing good could come of this. Yet you pushed, and you pushed, until she felt like she had no choice but to take a bite of my delicious little treat. And now… Well. You can see what came of that little mistake, no?”

“…Give her back to me,” Jessica demanded, tightening her fists again.

“Or what?” Darinna laughed. “You’ll punch me? No matter how much you kick or scream, I’m not going back into that tree. Even if you kill me – at least I’d still be free. Though whether your friend would appreciate such a fate is a different matter.”

“I’ll tell everyone,” Jessica replied, trying not to flinch back from Darinna’s resolute tone.

“And I’ll deny it. I wonder which of us they’ll believe? The woman who claims her dear friend is possessed, or the poor, innocent, nervous Nancy who doesn’t understand why her friend’s making up such tall tales.”

“People will notice you’re acting different,” Jessica claimed. She tried to keep her voice from trembling, but she knew she wasn’t entirely successful. Her legs, too, were shivering uncontrollably as anger started to give way to fear and grief.

It was a terrible bluff. Nobody was going to believe Nancy had been replaced by a mythical nymph. Even if they realized something had changed, they could chalk it up to any number of things. They might even think Jessica herself was the catalyst.

“Really dear,” Darinna sighed. “I was truly hoping we could be friends. Perhaps even more. But if you’re determined to be a thorn in my side – I suppose I must dispose of you…”

“I’d like to see you – eek!” Brave words were cut short by a loud squeal, as something hard wrapped around Jessica’s wrist and tugged her backward, away from her enemy.

Twisting around, she caught sight of the apple tree, which had leaned forward to catch her with the very same branch that had once held an apple. Another branch bent forward, as she watched, grabbing hold of her other wrist with more speed than she would have thought possible.

“Let go of me!” Jessica demanded, trying to tug free. The branches were far stronger than her, however, and she was soon lifted off the ground and into the air, with more branches securing her ankles, and pulling her legs apart. Before she even knew what was happening, she was being held spread eagle in midair, right in front of Darinna. 

“Well isn’t this a tasty sight.” Darinna ran her tongue over her lips as she spoke, biting her lower lip.

“Wh-what are you planning to do to me?” Jessica asked, fear having fully edged out her anger.

“Well, I could just leave you here to die… But it seems like a waste of a pretty girl. Perhaps I should enslave you? I could wield a spell to twist you to my will, or some such, perhaps. It would certainly be the most convenient solution… But I’ve never been the sort to touch a girl against her will. Maybe I’ll let you pick your fate? Though I’ll warn you now, letting you go is off the table.”

“…K-Kill me, then.” Jessica’s voice shook as she spoke, but she forced the words out all the same. Maybe her death would at least spark some sort of inquiry. Maybe someone would even figure out what had really happened… somehow.

“…Your friend would be sad to see you giving up so soon. I thought you wanted to save her?”

“Of course I want to save her! But I can’t. There’s nothing I can do, is there? You’ve taken control, and I… There’s nothing I can do…”

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far…” Darinna murmured. “I mean. You could always offer to take her place…”

“Take her place?” Jessica asked, eyes widening. “I can – I can do that?”

“Of course. It’s a simple process – and it would be convenient for me, as well. I doubt Nancy will raise this much of a fuss, even if she figures out what’s going on. And it would be a delight to have that delicious body of yours all to myself.”


“Of course, I won’t do it for free,” Darinna interrupted. “Even if I do want this, it’s obvious you want it more. So I’ll be taking something of yours, first.”

“You’re already getting my life,” Jessica protested. “What else is there?”

“Your virginity.” 

Jessica’s eyes widened, and Darinna’s lips pulled into her first real grin.

“You are a virgin, aren’t you?” Darinna asked. “I’ve been searching through Nancy’s memories – and it’s the funniest thing. You’ve talked a lot about the girls you’ve dated, and the things you’ve done, yet you never once claimed to have sex. Isn’t that right?”

“…I… I guess I never found the right girl,” Jessica admitted.

“No?” Darinna asked. “There’s nobody who makes you feel warm inside? Nobody who makes you feel happy, and content? Like everything is going to be okay?”

“Nobody but Nancy,” Jessica admitted. “And she’s straight.”

“…I see…” Darinna chuckled softly, before striding toward the bound Jessica. “Well then. For today, let’s pretend she isn’t, hmm? Let’s pretend she’s interested in you.”

“Interested in me?” It was Jessica’s turn to laugh. “As if.” 

Nancy was a sweet girl. She was the sort of girl who considered everyone’s feelings, and always acted in the best interest of her friends. She was the sort who nursed baby birds back to health, and who’d offer half her lunch to a friend even when half starved herself.

Jessica had never dated a girl like that, before. She wasn’t sure she deserved a girl like that really. She was lucky enough just being able to call Nancy her friend.

“Do you really think so little of yourself?” Darinna reached out as she spoke, resting her hand on Jessica’s calf. Then, slowly, she began to work her fingers up to the thigh, pinching Jessica’s miniskirt between her forefinger and thumb.

“It’s the truth,” Jessica insisted. “Even if she wasn’t straight, there’s no way she’d be interested in me. I’m brash, and crude, and pretty damn rude. She’s sweet and gentle. It’s a miracle she even puts up with me dragging her about…”

“My. I wonder what she’d say, if she could hear you talking like this…” Darinna tugged lightly at the red velvet miniskirt, smiling faintly. “You don’t mind if I tear this, do you? I’ll be sure to mend it with magic, after I’ve taken control of you.”

“Do what you want,” Jessica replied. “It’s going to be your body anyway…”

“I suppose so… But I really do appreciate a girl’s willingness, for such things.” Saying so, Darinna took a hold of the skirt’s hem with both hands.

For a moment, Jessica wasn’t sure what she intended to do. Surely she meant to use some sort of magic, or perhaps even the branches themselves to rip the clothes? But even as Jessica watched, Darinna tugged at the skirt, tearing it as easily as wet tissue. 

There was absolutely nothing Jessica could say, as the skirt fluttered to the ground. This was the woman she’d almost attempted to punch out? If Darinna had returned the gesture in kind, there’d have been nothing left of Jessica.

“Do you like strong girls?” Darinna asked, casually, as she hooked a finger into the waistband of Jessica’s black panties. The fabric stretched as Darinna tugged, the underwear biting into Jessica’s waist, right above her ass. “I’ve always been fond of weaker specimens, myself. Though I suppose that’s any human, really.” She grabbed the panties with her other hand, as well, and a moment later the black cloth joined the red velvet at the base of the tree.

For the crop top, Darinna didn’t bother to pull it off. Instead, she simply rolled the cloth up and over Jessica’s breasts, revealing a pink bra. 

“What a strange torture device this is…” Darinna murmured, upon exposing the underwear. “It hooks in the back, yes?” Saying Darinna, she reached her hands behind Jessica, pressing her face into the space between Jessica’s breasts, and her own chest against Jessica’s stomach, as she fiddled with the clasp. It only took a moment for the bra – and the phone within – to join the rest of Jessica’s clothing at Darinna’s feet.

“Now. Shall I take care of my own clothes? Or would you like me to free your hands?”

“I… I don’t… That wasn’t part of the deal,” Jessica protested, weakly. Despite the circumstances, her cheeks were bright red at the idea of seeing Nancy naked.

“No? Then I suppose I’ll have to undress myself.” Saying so, Darinna unbuttoned her cardigan, and then her shirt. Slipping out of both, she then reached behind herself to undo the bra clasp, allowing that, too, to fall.

“W-Wait,” Jessica protested, finding her voice a moment too late. Nancy’s breasts were already exposed, so delicate and pale. This was probably, literally, the first time they’d ever been exposed to direct sunlight.

“Wait? Why would I do that?” Darinna asked, taking hold of her skirt and panties both. “I’m about to have sex for the first time in millenia.” She pushed the rest of her clothes down. When the skirt caught on her shoes, she stepped out of them as well, so that she was standing in front of Jessica naked and barefoot. “I think I should be given sainthood for waiting this long, in all honesty.”

“I…” Jessica’s cheeks were burning, at the sight of her naked friend. She’d always thought Nancy was gorgeous, but seeing the woman exposed like this really drove it home. The breasts, which seemed like they’d overflow from Jessica’s hands if she gripped them, were somehow just as perky as Jessica’s own tiny tits. The pink peaks were stiff, and prominent, practically begging for a pair of lips to wrap around them. If only this was of Nancy’s own will, Jessica would have been the first to volunteer.

It wasn’t just the top half, either. Nancy’s bubble butt also looked delicious enough to salivate over, while her untamed brown bush seemed to practically demand Jessica pay attention to it. Not to mention the tight lips beneath. 

It was possible, Jessica realized, that nobody but her had ever gotten to appreciate the full sight of Nancy’s body before. More than possible, in fact, it seemed likely. Nancy had, at least, never said anything about sleeping with anyone. Which meant Jessica would be her first.

“I think you’re starting to get into it,” Darinna said with a smile, reaching out to place her hand on Jessica’s cheek. “Perhaps you’ve longed to see your friend like this?”

“N-No,” Jessica lied, looking away. “I wouldn’t… It wouldn’t be right…”

“To have fantasies? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. And if this is to be your last moments of control – why not enjoy yourself a little? Appreciate the view. Indulge a little in your desires.” Saying so, Darinna moved her other hand back to Jessica’s outer thigh, gently running her fingers up and down the other woman’s flesh. 

With each stroke she moved a little further inward. Jessica didn’t comment on it, didn’t try to pull away, but instead found herself holding her breath as the fingers edged ever closer to her groin.

“My…” Darinna smiled, as her fingers slid up Jessica’s inner thigh. “I’d almost think you were getting excited…”

Jessica didn’t respond. Her pussy was drenched, her nipples were hard, and her cheeks were flushed. Her body was more than ready to deny any protests she made, yet she refused to admit the truth, so she simply said nothing at all.

“Be like that then. But I’ll make you speak before this over. Or scream, as the case may be.” Saying this, Darinna leaned forward to press her face between Jessica’s breasts again. 

Jessica didn’t have much in the way of cleavage, with her tits so small, but feeling lips pressed up against her breasts was still enough to make her cheeks burn.

“W-What are you doing?” she asked, voice quivering.

“Hmmm… I’ve just always wanted to rest my head like this,” Darinna responded, turning her head to the side so that her ear was pressed against the flesh. She seemed to be listening to Jessica’s heart.

“I’m pretty damn sure this works better on girls with big tits,” Jessica pointed out. “I’m sure you had opportunities to test that out before you got turned into a tree, right?”

“Hmmm… Not what I meant…” Darinna whispered, almost too soft for Jessica to hear.

Before Jessica could ask for more information, though, Darinna’s head shifted and her lips sealed themselves around a stiff nipple. A tongue lashed out against the flesh, causing Jessica to let out a small whine of need as a bolt of pleasure shot through her, from nipple to groin. 

The hand on Jessica’s inner thigh moved, at the same time, slipping up to reach her groin. A hand delicately cupped her sex, fingers teasing the folds while the thumb began to tease Jessica’s clitoris from its hood.

“W-Wait,” Jessica protested, knowing it was useless. “I’m – I’m not…”

“You’re not ready?” The mouth left her breast. The hand left her thighs. Despite herself, Jessica whimpered, wanting them back.

A hand gripped her short cropped hair, pulling at the red strands to make Jessica’s head tilt back. “Funny. You seem ready… But if you need some encouragement…” The branches shifted, pushing Jessica forward so that a mouth could seal itself on her neck. Teeth grazed against her artery, lips sucking hard on the flesh. At the same time, a finger and forethumb found her nipple and gave it a little pinch.

Jessica cried out in response to the rough treatment. Her nipples felt hard enough to hurt, and her clit was throbbing with need. She was glad she wasn’t wearing panties, because she was pretty sure she’d have soaked them through in that moment.

“Are you sure you’re not ready?” Darinna asked. “You certainly seem ready… But perhaps a little more teasing?”

Another pinch to Jessica’s nipple, timed to match a kiss to her neck, caused Jessica to whimper faintly.

This shouldn’t feel so good. It shouldn’t. Not under these circumstances.

It did, though. Being touched like this, by a gorgeous woman – by a naked Nancy – felt delightful. It felt so good, she wanted to scream.

“Still not ready?” Darinna teased, licking the neck now. The branches shifted, again, pulling Jessica away so that Darinna could smile up at her. “Perhaps you simply need to see what’s in store for you?”

Saying so, Darinna gently cupped her own large breasts, running her thumbs across her nipples and tilting her head back in a moan. Even knowing the truth, Jessica couldn’t help but flush at the sight of her friend touching herself. Especially when Darinna dropped a hand down between her thighs, and began to slip a finger in and out of herself.

“Do you want to touch me?” Darinna asked. “I can free one of your hands if you would.”

“I – I can’t… Nancy wouldn’t want that…” Jessica looked away, ashamed of herself for having even watched.

“You seem to assume a lot about what Jessica would and wouldn’t want,” Darinna observed. “But very well… If you don’t want me to touch myself – surely you’ll be willing to let me touch you, yes?”

Jessica nodded, slowly. It was the better alternative, after all. Giving herself up for the sake of her friend was the entire point.

“So self-sacrificing,” Darinna commented, stepping toward Jessica again. “Kiss me?”

“…If you want.” Somehow this, too, made Jessica’s cheeks burn a bright red.

Darinna smiled at the sight, leaning forward. The branches pushed Jessica into the kiss, before she could even think to pull back, and the feeling of soft lips against her own made Jessica’s heart beat so fast that Jessica feared it might burst.

She was kissing Nancy. Even if it wasn’t real, even if it was under the worst possible circumstances, she was kissing a girl she never thought she’d be able to so much as touch in this way. If this was to be her last conscious act, then… It wasn’t a bad one.

“Ready?” Darinna asked.

Jessica nodded, cheeks aflame and heart aflutter. She wasn’t ready; not to lose her virginity, not to lose her life, not for any of it. Still, if this was to be her last moment truly being alive, then… maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing for her to enjoy it? She was sure Nancy would want it that way.

So when Darinna kissed Jessica’s breast, again, she leaned into it. When the fingers pinched Jessica’s nipples, she allowed herself to gasp and whine with need. When fingers cupped Jessica’s sex, she ground against them, desperate to be filled and played with. And when the fingers finally entered her, just as the thumb teased her clit and the fingers played against her nipple, Jessica allowed the heat and need to fill her, driving her closer and closer to the edge, until finally heat and need overwhelmed her  body as she screamed Nancy’s name. 

When she came back to herself, she was still being held by the tree. It was for the best, since she didn’t think she’d be able to stand of her own volition right then. She was panting heavily, her legs felt weak, and her heart still hadn’t calmed down. She’d just orgasmed for the first time, under the ministrations of someone who looked like her best friend, and it had been a wild ride.

She was glad that she’d gone on it at least once before death. 

“I’m ready,” she said, after catching her breath. “You can take my body, now.”

“…Funny. I thought I just did,” Darinna laughed, leaning up to press lips against Jessica’s, and pulling away before the girl could react.

“Wh-What are you talking about? You said you’d switch bodies with me if we had sex!”

“Yes… I did, didn’t I?” Darinna admitted, with a grin. “But I lied. The magic that put me in your friends body is permanent, I’m afraid.”

The peace that had settled over Jessica since her orgasm shattered, despair welling up inside her. “Then… Then all of that was…?:”

“To prove a point to your friend. I told her you were in love with her, too,  but she just wouldn’t listen. So I decided to prove it.”

“W…What?” Jessica’s eyes widened. “W-Wait. Prove something to Nancy? Why would you be proving something to Nancy, I thought…”

“You thought she was asleep? I did let you believe that, didn’t I?” Darinna grinned. “No. She’s quite awake.”

“Then… Then she saw all… All that…?” Jessica demanded, embarrassment flooding her. “She felt all that? Everything you did, she… How could you do that to her!? How could you make her-”

“Aren’t you misunderstanding something?” Darinna interrupted. “I told you – I did all this to prove that you loved her, too.”


“That’s right,” Darinna confirmed. “Oh, at first I just wanted to teach you a lesson about listening to your friends – but once I realized that your friend was in love with you, and too blind to realize you felt the same… Well, it was the least I could do for my host.”

“T-Then… She… She loves me?” Jessica asked, hope welling up in her chest. It only lasted for a moment, though. “But you’re possessing her…”

“I-I’m still here, though…” Darinna’s tone shifted with those words, and the woman shifted her eyes uneasily to the ground.

“Nancy?” Jessica asked, hardly able to believe it.

“Y-Yeah. I’m awake. And Darinna said she’s mostly willing to let me take the reins, as long as she can take control when I sleep – her magic means we don’t really need rest, so…”

“You’re… You’re really okay?” Jessica asked.

Nancy looked up at her, nervousness written across her familiar features. “Are you mad at me? I know I should have stopped her, but-”

“I’m glad,” Jessica interrupted, shaking her head. “I’m relieved. And glad. And happy. And a little mad… But mostly. I’m just in love with you.”

“You mean it?” Nancy asked, stepping closer to Jessica.

“I do,” Jessica promised, staring into her friend’s eyes.

The branches released Jessica, causing her to drop to the floor and stumble forward.

Nancy caught Jessica, before she could fall, holding her tight. Feeling the other woman’s naked chest against her own, Jessica’s cheeks flushed red one more time. She was sure Darinna had planned this.

Yet, somehow, she couldn’t bring herself to mind.

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