Red Wolf

A Twisted Fairy Tales Take on Little Red Riding Hood, where Red is a trans woman who’s been cursed to shift between masculine and feminine forms with the rising and setting of the sun. She seeks an ancient witch known as Grandma, who built her home in the Cursed Woods. Unfortunately, Grandma has long avoided people – and what’s more, her house is defended by a wolf girl who (for reasons of her own) won’t let anyone get close!

Warning: This story contains erotic elements, and is meant only for those 18 or older. Only those who have reached the age of consent, in the country where they reside, should proceed. If you are not at least eighteen, please exit this page, immediately

Content Warning: This story includes a forced animal transformation (with a sex swap), as well as some physical violence (separate from the sexy bits), a near death experience, and some light misgendering. There’s also some implied child abuse in one character’s past.

Cinder Elli

A twisted fairy tale take on the Cinderella tale. Featuring adult participants (It’s erotica), some forced crossdressing, a well meaning fairy. and a butch princess. A surprisingly sweet tale, when all is said and told – I hope you enjoy.

Content warning: Initially unwilling/accidental transformation. Humiliation.