Ongoing Series

But I Don’t Wanna Be a Bimbo

Andrea’s the smartest girl in school. Becky is the dumbest. But when their bodies get switched, they find out that a new set of hardware can dramatically affect their personalities. 

Demon Queened

At eighteen, Devilla Satanne is ready to become Demon Queen. She casts the Rite of Insight… but flubs the last line of the powerful spell! As a result, she is awoken to memories of her past life – as Jacob Divington. Armed with new memories, Devilla quickly realizes a horrifying truth: she’s been reincarnated as the villainess of a porn game!

With ten demon generals who hate her, and a heroine coming for her head, what the hell is a Demon Queen supposed to do!?

Dungeon Damsel Tales

A series of short stories that explore how Fiona came to be who she is today.

Twisted Fairy Tales

A collection of twisted fairy tales – generally twisted to involve transgender elements, as well as sexy times.

Completed Series

The Roommate

Rebecca is surprised to discover her potential new roommate is actually a man – especially considering how close they got during the online interview stage.

In fact, she almost fell in love with the woman she was imagining, through their conversations. Embarrassing, for a lesbian! Thankfully, this redhead has a collection of pills and a knowledge of hypnosis that might just fix all her problems.

Warning: This is one of my darker tales, featuring a forced transformation.