Molten Memories

Warning: This is erotica, meant only for those 18 or older. Only those who have reached the age of consent, in the country where they reside, should proceed. If you are not at least eighteen, please exit this page, immediately.

Content Warning: This story involves involuntary mental changes, resulting in a personality shift – while the TG is not exactly involuntary, it would not have been voluntary if the MC had retained their original identity.

Walking cautiously toward the cave, Dylan eased his sword slowly from its scabbard. The sound of metal rasping against leather felt almost deafening in the silent night, and Dylan cursed himself for not having thought to pull his blade out earlier. Thanks to a map provided by the locals, and tales from the hunters who’d found the beast’s lair, he’d known he was drawing near for a while, now. It was only that he hadn’t realized the entire damn forest would go silent, this close to the creature. To think that even crickets would be quiet in its fearsome presence.

Well. It didn’t really matter if the damned thing knew he was coming, Dylan rationalized. It wasn’t exactly honorable for a knight to kill a dragon in its sleep, after all. And if it’s hearing was truly as good as everyone claimed, it would have heard him coming no matter how silently he approached.

Yes. That was right. He hadn’t failed to keep silent – he’d bravely announced his presence. Drawing his sword to vanquish evil, he was the lone brave knight willing to take on this quest. The hero that this country desperately needed.

Talking himself up in this manor, Dylan strode through the forest. Abandoning stealth, he crushed leaves and twigs alike beneath his boots as he made his way toward the forest cave. Then, standing in front of the entrance of the cavern, Dylan cupped his hands about his mouth and called out as loud as he could: “Come and face me, dragon! Face me and perish!”

His words echoed through the stone tunnel, the word perish repeated again and again, ever more distant. If the dragon was in there, and if it could truly hear as well as people claimed, there could be no doubt that it had heard. Which meant, if it had a single bit of pride in its position as the king of beasts it would surely be bursting through at any moment.

Which was why Dylan pressed himself against the side of the cave, and held his sword at the ready, prepared to strike it from behind the moment it stepped out.

Honor? Pride? Dylan talked a good game, but really he had no time for such things. Or rather, he thought there’d be plenty of time for them after he’d brought the dragon’s head before the king. Already, he was imagining parades in his honor, and banquets in his name. While no reward had actually been announced for killing the dragon, he was sure that such a feat would earn him fame and recognition.

Besides, if the kingdom hadn’t offered a reward for the dragon’s head then it was almost certainly because they knew nobody had the courage or skill to beat such a beast. One did not offer a reward for wrestling a hurricane, yet surely if one managed to defeat such a natural disaster and save the populace from its terror, that person would be rewarded all the same.

Dylan already knew what he was going to ask for, too: the princess’s hand in marriage. He’d heard she was stunningly gorgeous, kind, and gentle too. She would make a good wife, and more importantly her husband would make for a fine king.

With such thoughts on his mind, Dylan’s lips pulled into a smile, and he lifted his sword a little higher. He’d only have one chance at this. If the dragon saw him, the only thing he’d be able to do would be making a run for it. After all, dragons were known to be able to crush full plate mail, while Dylan had only been able to afford a basic set of leathers… Or rather, he’d made the prudential decision to keep his armor light, and his maneuverability high.

Yes. That’s how he’d tell it. He went to the dragon’s cave, wearing nothing but the lightest of armors, and wielding nothing but a single iron sword. He’d slain the creature in single combat, one lone man against a disastrous force of teeth and claws. He’d won through tenacity and skill, he’d tell them, showing off the skills he’d learned as a knight in the neighboring kingdom.

As for what he was doing in this kingdom, well… It definitely wasn’t that he’d been caught sleeping with a noble’s wife, or any such thing. It definitely wasn’t that he’d been forced to flee in disgrace. It was only that he’d heard that this land was troubled by a dragon, and had come to fight it. Not because he desperately wanted to find a place for himself, in a strange land, but from a determination to be a hero.

Yes. Dylan could see it all so clearly, the story he’d tell and the faces people would make when they heard it. He was sure of it. Convinced of the path before him.

Only… Why had the dragon not come out yet?

“Dragon?” he called again, a little louder this time. “I have come to face you! Come out and challenge me, beast!”

“…Don’t wanna…” 

The word “wanna” echoed through the cave for a moment, making it impossible for Dylan to doubt his ears. He’d challenged the dragon to a fight to the death, and it had said… Don’t wanna?

“Don’t you want to tear me from limb to limb?” he called back, a little uncertain what to do with this.

“Sounds like a pain…” the voice responded. This was followed by something that sounded suspiciously like a yawn.

“D-Don’t be like that,” Dylan protested, still holding his sword up. “Aren’t dragons supposed to be fearsome and ferocious creatures!? You should be barreling out here, saying something about grinding my bones for your bread, right? Or squeezing out my blood for wine?”

“Isn’t that more of a giant thing? It sounds like a pain, either way. I just want to sleep for a bit longer… I’m on vacation, you know.”

“Vacation!?” Dylan screamed, lowering his sword at last. “You’re a dragon, aren’t you!? You’re a fearsome beast, aren’t you!? You steal livestock, slay men, kidnap damsels, and burn down fields! You’re wild, uncontrollable, horrible really, and I am here to slay you!”

“…I don’t remember doing any of that, though… I mostly just sleep, you know? Though I guess I’m supposed to be finding a damsel to bring home. Father said he can’t rest until I find a mate, so he kicked me out of the castle to go looking… The castle beds were so much better than the cave floor, too, so maybe I should go looking for maidens, soon. But it seems like a pain.”

“You…” This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. The dragon was supposed to be a fearsome opponent he overcame with skill and wit, not a lazy twat who didn’t even want to leave its cave!

What was that talk about castles and, anyway? He’d heard tales of a dragon king, far to the south of this kingdom, but could they really have built something so grand? And what was this dragon’s relationship to that king, that it could live in their so-called castle to begin with? If the dragon king was her father, then she’d be a princess – but who would kick a princess out of a castle? Most likely her father was a servant, perhaps even a steward, who lived on the premises.

None of it mattered, in the end. They’d kicked her out of the castle, so it wasn’t as if the dragon king would raise any fuss over her meeting her end. Further, just listening to the dragon whine had shattered Dylan’s vision of it as a fearsome and terrible foe. It was really just an overgrown lizard, wasn’t it? His sword was sharp, and he was light on his feet without heavy armor. Surely he’d be able to take the creature down. 

Abandoning his failed plan to lure the dragon out, Dylan edged his way into the cave. He stuck to the rocky wall, moving slowly and giving his eyes time to adjust to the deepening darkness as he moved further inside. He had been worried that the cave might split down different paths, but the fear soon proved unwarranted. The tunnel did have a single curve, at the end, but the light spilling out from beyond made it clear exactly where the dragon resided.

Making his way toward the curve in the cave, Dylan hesitated at the threshold, unsure if he should round the corner and head into the light. It had been so easy to find this dragon’s lair, and even easier to ascertain her exact location, Dylan couldn’t help but wonder if it was some sort of trap. Was he really the first knight who’d found his way to this cave? 

Hesitating at the precipice of potential doom, he was considering simply turning back when suddenly the dragon’s voice rang out again.

“I can hear you out there, you know… Mister ‘fight me’ person. You can come in if you want. Or maybe I should come out, after all?”

“That won’t be necessary,” Dylan replied, trying to keep the fear from his voice. “In fact, I really don’t think we should fight after all.”

Confronted with the idea of facing the dragon in the dark cave, instead of under the moonlit sky or within the lit cavern, Dylan decided a little trickery was in order. He’d get the dragon to lower its guard, thinking it was safe in its own den. He’d sneak up to it, and strike it when it was least expecting the blow. 

“Really?” came the dragon’s voice. He hadn’t noticed, with the cave’s acoustics, but up close the voice sounded quite feminine. It also sounded skeptical. “You mean it?”

“Of course,” Dylan lied. “I swear it on my honor as a knight.” He didn’t have anything like that, though, or he wouldn’t be here. “But I can still come in, right? I want to see the creature they call the epitome of all beasts.”

“…Well. Whatever…” 

Dylan walked forward, trying to act casual. He knew that dragons had good hearing, but he hoped she wouldn’t be able to hear the rapid beating of his heart. It wasn’t as if he were scared, of course. He was simply excited for the bright future ahead. That, and he’d never seen a dragon before.

That was about to change. Taking a deep breath, he rounded the corner, sword held tightly in his grip. He had it angled downward, so as not to appear threatening, but he was ready to bring it up in a moment’s notice should it turn out the dragon was tricking him. He was also prepared to charge, if he saw an opportunity to take the dragon’s head. What he saw, however, was so unexpected that it stopped him in his tracks instead.

The cave was lit by crystals, placed along the wall. Large stones that glowed bright enough to fill the room. And beneath their light was… A woman. There was no other way to describe her. She had long, blonde hair that flowed down her back, all the way to her ass. She had soft blue eyes that looked up at him, curiously, from her position on the cave floor, even as she propped herself up on one elbow. She had delicate features, and a small, slender frame. From head to toe, she couldn’t be more than five feet tall. She was even wearing a pink dress, with a little frill around the sleeves and neckline, as if to drive home just how innocent a creature she was.

She also had wings, though. Broad black wings that stretched from her back, toward the ceiling. A black tail protruded from beneath her dress. There were also scales, he noticed. They went up either side of her neck. He wasn’t sure, but there were probably more hidden beneath her dress.

“What are you?” Dylan asked, unable to help himself. She didn’t look like any dragon he had ever heard of. Yet she was most decidedly not a human being, either.

“That’s a bit rude, isn’t it?” the dragon girl muttered, looking him up and down. “I’m a half dragon, if you must know. My father was a dragon, and my mother was a maiden he brought home.”

A half dragon? He’d never even known such a thing was possible. Yet the evidence was staring at him in the face, so he could hardly dispute it. It didn’t matter, in the end – a dragon was a dragon was a dragon. He didn’t think he’d get any rewards for bringing back the head of a pretty maiden, though. 

If he didn’t want people to think he was just a murderer, he’d have to bring her whole body to the king instead.

“So uh… I’m Dylan. What’s your name?” Dylan asked, moving slowly closer. He kept his sword angled downward, trying to appear non threatening.

The dragon regarded him for a moment, before shrugging her shoulders dismissively, and laying back down on the ground. “My name’s Senna, if you must know. But can we talk about it in the morning? You interrupted my sleep.” Saying so, she laid herself back down on the ground and closed her eyes.

He’d never hoped she’d let her guard down this much. It was almost suspicious.

“Come on,” he cajoled. “Don’t be like that. Tell me about yourself. You said you were looking for maidens, right? Must be hard, being a dragon. Even if you’re a girl, you’re still expected to look for maidens, huh?” He stepped closer as he spoke, moving closer and closer, using words to cover up the sound of careful footsteps as he eased toward her.

“…I like maidens, though. Father said I could have one as a wife, if I found her myself. Or rather, he insisted that I take a good wife, so that he could finally retire and leave things to us… He wants to go fishing, or something.”

“You like maidens?” that stopped him short for a moment, but then he moved forward again. “So, uh, what kind of maidens do you like? Maybe I know a girl who’s suitable.” As if. He didn’t know any girl who’d willingly marry another.

“Hmmm… I’d like it if she had red hair, like yours but longer… And green eyes, like yours but softer. And cute features – not at all like yours. She’d have a cute little button nose, unlike your big squashed one, and soft thick lips unlike your thin and dry looking ones, and she’d be muscular enough to pick me up. She’d also be sweet, unlike you, and caring, unlike you, and kind to everybody she met. Unlike you.”

“Sounds like you have a pretty good picture of what you want. Think you’ll be able to find someone like that?” Dylan moved even closer as he spoke, trying to ignore the irritation he felt at being used for comparison like this. It was true that his nose wasn’t the prettiest, after getting broken by a certain lady’s husband. He didn’t think his other features were so bad, though, even if they weren’t to this freak’s tastes.

“If I can find the right personality, I can just change their body to match,” the dragon said. “Or I guess if I find the right body, I can make the personality match. But father always said it isn’t right to mess with people’s minds.”

“You can do that?” Dylan asked, eyes widening in surprise. He stopped in place for a moment, before shaking his head and moving forward again.

“Yeah, but I’m not supposed to do it unless someone really terrible comes along. Father has all these rules and stuff about when I can and can’t use magic, so…”

“Sounds like a real pain!” Dylan shouted, bringing his sword up above the girl’s head, and swinging down toward her neck with all his might.

His blade never reached her flesh. Without even opening her eyes, the dragon girl had reached up and grabbed his blade between her forefinger and thumb.

“Huh. You wouldn’t happen to be one of those terrible people I was just talking about, would you?” Senna asked, opening her eyes. The smile on her lips caused a shiver to shoot down Dylan’s spine. 

“N-No, of course not,” Dylan stammered, dropping his sword. “I mean, it’s not like a little sword could hurt you, anyways, right? And you caught it – so. No harm no foul, right?”

“You definitely just tried to kill me, though.” Senna threw the discarded sword away, toward the back of the cave, before pushing herself up onto her feet.

She really was small. She only came up to Dylan’s chest. Yet, despite her diminutive form, Dylan couldn’t help but step back toward the entrance of the cave. It was bad enough that he’d failed. Bad enough that he was now unarmed. But what was truly terrifying was the look in her eyes. It wasn’t anger; it was excitement.

“Wh-What are you going to do to me?” Dylan asked, taking another step back.

“Hmmm. I should probably kill you. Attacking royalty’s no small thing, you know…” The dragon girl smiled as she spoke, and the color drained from Dylan’s face.

“Royalty?” he choked out the word, barely able to force it past his lips. Then her father… was the dragon king!?

“That’s right,” Senna confirmed. “I’m the dragon princess. You could have started an international incident if you’d killed me. Which is why I’m sure your king won’t mind if I make you disappear.”

“Disappear? S-so you’re going to kill me then?” Dylan took a step back as he spoke. He wondered how far away he was from the cave bend. Maybe he could make a run for it? The girl had short legs, and hopefully wouldn’t be able to catch up.

“Of course not, Dylan. I’m just going to make you my bride.” The girl’s smile widened.

Dylan froze in shock. “B-Bride? But I’m a guy…”

“I can fix that with magic,” Senna promised, grinning now. “Except… father won’t let me change someone without their permission…”

“S-so then…?” he glanced behind him. He was still several feet from the entrance to this alcove, but he was seriously considering running for it all the same.

“I guess I just have to make you agree to it, then!” 

With his eyes on the cavern exit, Dylan didn’t even see the girl move. He simply felt the impact of something ramming into his chest, followed by his back slamming against the floor. When he looked up, the dragon girl was straddling him, legs on either side of his stomach and hands on either side of his head. Her grin had grown even wider.

“Then… If I don’t agree to it, will you let me go?” Dylan asked, clutching at straws now. He was sure the answer would be no. If he disagreed, he’d almost definitely be killed.

To his surprise, however, the girl nodded her head. “If you don’t agree to become my wife, at the end of this, I won’t change your body one bit. I’ll even let you go, just like you asked. I don’t think that’ll be a problem, though.”

“And why not?” Dylan demanded, arrogance creeping into his voice. Now that he knew his life wasn’t being threatened, he was much calmer. Obviously she was an idiot, if she thought he’d accept being a woman. From the sounds of it, he just had to keep disagreeing and she’d release him.

“Huh? Because you’re a terrible person whose mind I’m allowed to play with, of course,” Senna reminded him. “Now tell me. What’s your first memory?”

Dylan stared at her, mouth agape for a moment, before slamming his lips shut. He wasn’t going to say a word, of course. He wasn’t going to be a willing participant in his own undoing.

Still, the memory floated to his mind: his father, training in the courtyard, sweat beading across his back as he swung a sword again and again with rippled muscle. Yearning to be that strong, that brave.

Above him, Senna shook her head. “That won’t do at all,” she declared. “No. Your first memory is of your mother, isn’t it? Seeing her wearing a pretty blue dress. You hoped you’d grow up to be just as pretty…”

The image in Dylan’s mind shifted and twisted, his father’s sword swinging replaced by his mother, twirling about in a blue dress and asking him how she looked. He could still remember wondering if he’d ever be that beautiful.

“Yes,” Dylan whispered, despite himself. “I mean… no. I mean. This isn’t right..” But it was the only ‘first memory’ he could recall. 

“What was your first kiss like?” Senna asked, next. 

“I…” Again, a memory floated to the surface. There’d been a village girl he liked, named Delphine. He’d asked her to dance with him during a festival, and she’d said yes. Delphine was a year older than him, but he was already taller and stronger than most of the other boys his age, so he’d taken it for granted. He’d taken her first kiss during the dance, without even asking, just shoving his mouth inexpertly against hers, claiming her lips for all to see.

She hadn’t liked that. She’d insisted that she’d never go on another dance with him again, after.

“No, no, no,” Senna protested, shaking her head. “Don’t you remember? You were so small for your age – a late bloomer. You were even shorter than the girls in town, and you were far too shy to ask any of them out. It was Delphine who approached you, Delphine who asked you to the dance. You accepted, of course. You could barely believe your luck! And when she drew you into a soft kiss, in front of everyone… it was wonderful, wasn’t it? Sweet and gentle. And super embarrassing! You thought your cheeks would burst into flames, being kissed in front of everyone. But you liked it, too. You were heartbroken, the day after the dance, when you saw her with a big muscular man instead of you.”

Again, a memory Dylan held dear slipped through his fingers like grains of sand, and new images filled his mind. He’d been so shy back then. So small. So insecure. Even more so after losing Delphine. He’d cried himself to sleep for a week, after seeing her run off with Darren, another boy in town. Dylan had  thought… he thought Delphine really appreciated him. Had it all been a lie?

“Don’t you remember?” Senna inquired, tilting her head to the side. “She broke up with you because she said kissing you was like kissing another girl. And she wasn’t into girls. The thought made you sad – but weirdly happy, too, right? That someone saw you as a girl.”

That was right. He’d been so embarrassed, being referred to like that. Yet even in his heartbreak, there had been a silver lining: being treated like a girl had made him so happy.

“N-No,” Dylan protested. “This… This can’t be right… That isn’t what happened…”

“It is, though,” Senna insisted. “You remember it, don’t you? Everyone in town saw you as one of the girls, back then – maybe because you were always playing with dolls, instead of sports with the other boys? Or maybe because of how much you talked about envying their cute dresses… You even let your mother dress you up as a child, right?”

He had. Pink dresses, blue dresses, green dresses. His mother hadn’t been able to afford clothes just for this, so he’d only been able to try on his mother’s – and, of course, they hadn’t fit. Still, he’d put them on whenever he had the chance.

“What was puberty like for you? Growing your first hairs – it was painful, right? You hated it so much, seeing facial hair on your delicate skin. You always begged your mother to help you shave, and kept as little facial hair as possible… Even to this day.”

Dylan nodded, slowly. It was true. He’d always hated facial hair. It had been almost traumatizing, when it first appeared. It had made puberty a living hell for him.

“It was only later,” Senna continued, “that you realized the reason… The reason why you always played with girls. The reason why you loved dolls, and dresses, and trying on your mother’s makeup. The reason you always felt closer to her than your father… It’s all because you’re a woman, right?”

“A woman?” Dylan’s brown knitted in confusion.

“That’s right, a woman,” Senna repeated. “You’re a woman, trapped in a man’s body – and you’ve known for a long time, too. Right? Even though you’ve tried to hide it. You joined the knighthood, even – at your father’s insistence – trained to be big and strong, tried to act like the men in your life… But deep down, you’ve always known you were a girl in the wrong body.”

It was true. Dylan was a woman, and always had been. That was why he’d never been interested in playing with boys. That was why he spent all his time among women – the women he admired, and wanted to be like.

“You also love women, of course,” Senna continued. “You want to sleep with them and you want to be one of them. You’re really just like me – just not in the right body…”

“I’m… Just like you,” Dylan repeated.

“Exactly… That’s why you came here, though, isn’t it? You heard of a dragon that could cast great magic – and you hoped that I could give you the body of your dreams. Isn’t that right?”

“That’s… That’s not…” But it was the truth. Even though he – no, she – was a bit embarrassed to admit it, Dylan knew that it was true. She’d come here solely in the hops of getting a new body.

“Well, aren’t you lucky I’m looking for a bride? For the low, low price of becoming a princess consort you can have the body of your dreams, today!”

“Becoming… A princess consort?” Dylan’s eyes widened.

“That’s right, Dylla… Do you mind if I call you Dylla? Or did you have another name in mind? Maybe something you’ve cherished since you were a child? A name you always wanted to be called, but couldn’t bring up the courage?”

“Sylvia…” It was her mother’s name. She’d been named after her father, but she’d always wished she’d been given her mother’s name instead.

“Alright, Sylvia. Shall I get to work? I mean, unless you don’t want to be a princess consort? Then I could just let you leave…?”

“N-No,” Sylvia shook her head quickly. “I want it, I just… My head feels so strange. It’s like I can’t think straight… Why… Why are you on top of me, again?”

“Hmmm? Because I wanted to get a good look at my future wife, of course? And because contact will make the spell easier – you do want the spell, don’t you?”

“Yes, of course I do,” Sylvia confirmed, nodding fevarantly. “I’ve dreamt of having the right body as long as I can remember…” But was that true? Her head felt like it was in a vice. Fragments of memories – of doing awful things, of saying awful things – kept floating to the surface. In each of them, she’d acted like a stereotypical bully of a man, but… Were those really her memories? She surely wasn’t capable of doing such awful things as she remembered…

“It’s okay,” Senna whispered, placing a hand on Sylvia’s cheek. When Senna did so, a warmth spread through Sylvia’s head, and the pain faded, taking the fragments of memories with it. “Those are just dreams you had. Nightmares. Let them all slip away, okay? You’re a beautiful woman, gentle and kind. I can see your whole past, so I know.”

“You can see my past?” Sylvia asked, eyes wide with surprise.

“That’s right! Like how you took care of a little bird when it got injured, and you were a child. And how you’ve hated looking in the mirror every day since you were a child. All sorts of stuff like that.”

Sylvia nodded, slowly, as new memories floated to the surface of her mind. Slowly, she smiled. “I’m… I’m a woman. I’m gentle and kind… But I’m not beautiful, yet, am I? Can’t… Can’t you make me beautiful?”

“Of course I can,” Senna promised, smiling softly. “You’ll be the prettiest maiden in the whole kingdom. And then I’ll take you home to father, and he’ll let me sleep on the castle beds again…”

Sylvia let out a short laugh. “That’s why you’re doing this for me?”

“That, and because you’re a sweet, wonderful girl who deserves it,” Senna confirmed. “Now… Just lay still beneath me, and I’ll start the changes.”

With Sylvia’s permission secured, Senna began to gently stroke the other woman’s short cropped red hair. With each stroke, the strands of red grew longer, slipping down to touch the floor and then spooling into a pile. Only when the hair was long enough to potentially reach Sylvia’s upper back did Senna stop.

Then she moved to the face. A kiss to the nose caused a sharp bit of pain to shoot through Sylvia, as her nose straightened and shrank. The pain disappeared in a moment, though, and she was left with a cute button nose. 

Her cheekbones shifted, next, lifting up higher while her cheeks became more round. Her green eyes already seemed softer than they had a moment ago, as did her newly plump lips. 

Then Senna’s attention drifted down from the face, and Sylvia’s breath caught in her throat as a pressure began to build up inside her chest, behind the leather armor.

“M-May I take it off?” Sylvia asked, wanting to see the changes.

“Let me,” Senna offered, and with a wave of her hand the leathers turned to dust, as did Sylvia’s undershirt, pants, and even underwear.

Sylvia was suddenly, painfully, aware of the dragon girl who was straddling her. Specifically, a certain hated part of her anatomy was starting to respond to being naked in the presence of a woman and Sylvia couldn’t be more embarrassed about it.

“Don’t worry,” Senna laughed it off, magnanimously. “I’ll get to that soon enough…”

Saying so, Senna began to trace her fingers across the nipples, reminding Sylvia of the pressure she’d felt earlier. Her chest was already starting to bubble outward, soft hills growing beneath her nipples. The flesh was so sensitive, and the touch of Senna’s fingers meant she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning.

Soon, the hills transformed into mountains, big enough that even Sylvia’s hands would have struggled to hold them, and a blush began to creep across her cheeks. Staring at the breasts she’d spent so much time longing for, she couldn’t help but marvel at how easily Senna had made her dreams come true.

“I wanna kiss them…” Senna whispered, above her.

Face burning even brighter, Sylvia nodded her assent.

Senna grinned hungrily above and lowered her lips to kiss the nipple. Stroking it with her tongue, pinching it gently between her teeth, Senna lavished it with attention as Sylvia moaned softly in response. She was aware that her moans were changing in pitch, sounding more feminine each time one was elicited from her lips.  She was grateful to Senna for it, happy that the dragon was changing her even while playing with her body.

A hand shifted, taking her other breast, and a thumb roughly began to play with her nipple. The peek hardened instantly, and Senna pinched it hard while kissing the other breast. Sylvia’s back arched in response, ass lifting off the floor as she screamed out in delight.

When she lowered herself down again, she was surprised to find new cushioning, like she was sitting on a pillow. More of Senna’s magic, no doubt.

More changes followed, as Senna shifted her attention to the space between the breasts, kissing, nipping, and licking the flesh. Sylvia felt her hips crack as they grew wider. She felt her waist, narrowing as if squeezed by a vice. She felt her legs slimming, and shortening ever so slightly. She caught a glimpse of her legs, now devoid of hair, as Senna shifted positions to suck on the nipple that previously had only been played with by hand. It filled her with warmth and happiness, knowing the hair that had plagued her since puberty was now gone.

Before long, there was only one thing remaining of her former self, one offender left to be struck down. The thing between her legs, which she had never asked for or wanted. The thing that made people think she was male, from birth, despite nothing being father from the truth. She wanted it gone. She wanted it erased.

“Please,” she whispered, painfully aware of how stiff her dick had grown during these proceedings. “Can you get rid of it, Senna?”

Understanding filled Senna’s eyes, along with compassion – and perhaps a touch of mischief – as the dragon girl smiled. “Of course, dear… Whatever the princess consort desires.”

Saying so, she reached down between their bodies, gently teasing her thumb across the head of Sylvia’s penis. With a simple touch, Sylvia’s stiff member suddenly went limp. With a gentle push, it began to recede into Sylvia’s body, the ballsack following suit.

Sylvia felt the moment when the slit appeared. Felt it when the folds formed, even as her dick became nothing more than a clit. 

“Is it..?” she whispered, not daring to complete the sentence, not daring to hope.

Senna responded by plunging a finger inside the other woman, and gently teasing at the clit with her thumb. Stroking the folds, she smiled down at Sylvia, who grinned back up at her lover. Her future wife.

“Make me yours?” she asked. “I want you to be my new first.”

“…Sounds like a lot of responsibility,” Senna responded, tapping her cheek. “Kind of a pain, really… But if it’s you. I guess I’ll do it.”

Teasing Sylvia with those words, Senna shifted, moving down Sylvia’s body until she was gripping both legs. Then she lowered her lips to the new pussy, gently kissing the folds, before nipping the inner thigh. Her finger shifted up a leg, her thumb finding the clit to gently tease it, before sealing her lips on it and lightly sucking on it. Her tongue lashed against it, for a moment, before she parted so that her thumb could brush it again while she licked at the folds. 

Each stroke, each kiss, each movement caused pressure to build in Sylvia’s core. Heat flowed through her body with every lick and stroke of the tongue, and every time Senna brushed against the clit, Sylvia would let out a little whimper of need. Slowly, but surely, the pressure built until Sylvia could take no more.

She came, screaming out her lover’s name, head slamming back against the floor as her back arched.

When she came back to herself, Senna was above her, holding out a hand. Sylvia took it, standing up with help from the other woman, a smile on her face.

“How do you feel?” Senna asked.

“I feel…” Sylvia hesitated. The pain from her head was gone, and the confusion from earlier was non-existent. She felt good, wonderful even, but neither of those words were quite right. After a moment, though, it came to her and she smiled.

“I feel like a woman.”

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