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  1. Hi, i’m a new Fan and i’m only here because apparently someone stole your Story and sold it as a Kindle Ebook on Amazon? That’s how i found it anyway, a Kindle Book called Demon Queened by the Author “lust king” with a completely different Title Image, and containing Chapter 6. I read that today, loved it, and since it ended in the middle i tried looking for a second part or something. That’s when i first discovered that the Amazon Page for it was gone, and then after googling i landed here. Good thing the Amazon Page is already down, cause i would have definitely bought it (i got it through Kinde Unlimited). Anyway, just wanted to say this, i’ll go read the rest of your Catalog now…

    1. Thanks for telling me! You’re actually the second person to mention this – I’m glad it got taken down, and that people are finding the real thing.

      I do eventually intend to put a polished version of this on kindle unlimited (under the name Kay Emilie), but… not until it’s finished?

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