Demon Queened – Chapter 1

The Rite of Insight. A sacred spell, to be recited by the Demon Queen upon her ascension to the throne. Performed correctly, it grants the wisdom of your ancestors and knowledge of the ways of the world. But any error, even misspeaking a single word, could bring doom not just to the caster but to the kingdom. Such powerful magic is restricted to the royal princess

…Which meant that no one knew how badly I messed up that last line.

A flash of light filled the windowless room, starting at the center dais, rushing past the prostrate figures surrounding it to cover the ten walls. The light remained only for a moment before folding in on itself. Inky darkness rushed back towards the center of the room to collide with the figure standing on the dais.

My name is Jacob Divington. I finished high school last year, and now I’m  working part time as a bag boy.

“…What? No…” I shake my head, tightly curled silver tresses bouncing about my delicate waist and narrow shoulders. 

My name is Devilla Satanne. Today is my coronation. I look down at my ten generals…

They’re naked?

Why am I surprised? It is proper for this ceremony, a demonstration of vulnerability to show their loyalty to the new Demon Queen.

No. Wait. In what way is that proper, exactly!? This might have been common sense for the demon realm, but there was no way a hot blooded human man like me could so easily take in the sight of ten naked women and not get a little flustered. I was just glad the maids had put me in a pleated dress, today. Considering my complete lack of underwear, it was surely only the extra folds of cloth that prevented the crowd from noticing my arousal. If the generals saw me erect, during my coronation, I thought I would likely die of embarrassment! Not that I could get erect, come to think of it; I lacked the equipment.

I was starting to get a headache. No. Not starting to – I had one. It felt like someone was trying to break my head open from the inside. My legs began to shake, and my knees to give way. It took every ounce of my willpower not to scream, even as I drove my black nails against my scalp and desperately tried to hold myself together.

Around me, the generals stayed in place. Even as I myself crumpled to the floor, they waited for the signal to rise. A distant corner of my mind wondered just how much these people feared me…? And what I had done to deserve it…? True, I had a tendency of throwing tantrums. Yes, I tended to bully any girl who thought she was prettier than me. If I was to be brutally honest, perhaps I’d even thrown a few people in the dungeon. But surely none of that was uncalled for from a demon queen…? Surely they wouldn’t just leave me to die, for lack of an order? Yet, still, the kneeling generals around me refused to move.

The pain was getting worse. My vision was starting to go dark, and my nails were digging deep enough into my scalp that I was beginning to worry I’d draw blood. With no other recourse, I managed to swallow my pride and whisper “Help,” a moment before finally passing out. Yet, even in the darkness, there was still that splitting pain.


I sat upright in bed, gripping the pink comforter tight enough to make my knuckles white. Before I could even open my mouth to call for help, a maid was already standing by my bed. “My queen? Are you alright?”

I gave a slow nod in response, not trusting myself to speak. The pain that had been threatening to tear me apart was gone, but in its place was a maelstrom of confusion, and scrambled memories that I could hardly piece together. The Rite of Insight… It was supposed to give me the knowledge of my ancestors. Despite my flubbing the last phrase, it had apparently worked – at least, if you were willing to stretch the definition of “ancestors” to include past lives. It was having nineteen years of new memories shoved into an eighteen year old head that gave me such a splitting headache, and caused me to pass out. Even now that things had settled, there were still a lot of memories to sort out.

For starters – I had apparently been a man in my last life. My name had been Jacob Divington, and I’d worked as a part time grocery bagger. Most of my money had gone to paying rent, with whatever was left going into video games. I had intended to go to college, too, but it had been mostly a vague plan for the upcoming year. Really, I think I would have been content just living in my parents basement for a long time to come, if not for an unfortunate car crash.

It had all started with the purchase of a new game. Tower Conquest, a self styled adult action RPG with a heavy lesbian motif. Honestly, I hadn’t had much hopes for the game at the time, having found it as a pay what you want on an indie game site. But back then I’d been human, male and straight, so the description of the game did a lot to sell me. I’d thrown the creator five bucks, downloaded the game, and promptly stayed up all night playing.

It was because I’d stayed up all night, only to be called into work on my day off, that I’d ended up falling asleep at the wheel and driving off a bridge. That’s what I mean by the game starting it all. Still, if that was all there was to it, then I’d probably be fine… 

It was sort of a pain that I’d died, but since I recovered all my memories in this new life it hardly seemed to matter. Even if it was strange to go from straight human male to lesbian demon queen, I’d in all honesty already spent eighteen years like this and it wasn’t like I’d ever had any complaints before. In fact, I’d been a bit of a spoiled brat up until this point, so if anyone should have been complaining it was the staff around me. There was one thing that bugged me about this reincarnation, though, and that actually came back around to Tower Conquest.

According to my past life’s memories, playing Tower Conquest involved playing as a human heroine, out to conquer the Demon’s Queen castle and rid the world of its last demonic stronghold. To do this, you had to conquer a hundred and one floors, with every tenth floor having one of the demon queen’s gorgeous female generals. Players could choose to either force the generals into submission through combat, or to seduce the general with gentle words and a refusal to fight. In either case, though, the general would offer their bodies to the heroine as a sign of submission and a sex scene would ensue.

I regret to say that it was pretty late, and I skimmed a lot of the content towards the end. As a result, I’m probably missing a lot of key information about the game. But it’s thanks to that, that I was able to reach level a hundred and one, and face the Demon Queen herself. From what I remember of the game lore, the queen was described as powerful, but spoiled and selfish. It was because the generals had so many problems with their queen that they were willing to lend their magic power to the heroine, allowing her a fair fight with the top demoness in the land. Even so, I remembered it being a tough battle. Even tougher because I was determined to make the queen submit, instead of outright killing her. That required putting her in the red and leaving her there until she had no choice but to admit defeat!

As a reward, I got the queen’s sex scene. It was a bit… different than that of her generals. Where the generals were allowed tender loving moments with the hero, and ultimately shifted to the side of good, the queen was seen as an enemy of both the humans and the “good” demons. During the sex scene, the heroine would cruelly put a cursed collar around the queen’s neck, sealing her powers and forcing her become a lowly servant for all the demons she’d once bossed around. Answering their every beck and call. Offering herself up to any girl who demanded her… It was a truly horrible fate, which I definitely didn’t think was hot back in the day. Though, even if I did, I don’t think anyone but me has the right to complain about it.

That’s because the name of the Demon Queen was nothing other than Devilla Satanne.

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