Molten Memories

A knight pays the price of arrogance for trying to kill a dragon-girl in this erotic tale. His past and future both end up in the girl’s hands.

Content Warning: This story involves involuntary mental changes, resulting in a personality shift – while the TG is not exactly involuntary, it would not have been voluntary if the MC had retained their original identity.

Note: This is a bonus story, written for my $5+ patrons. It’ll become public on 11/30/2020

The Dryad’s Garden

Jessica and Nancy are meant to be on a meet and greet freshman field trip, getting to know the fellow members of their new college. Instead they leave the beaten path, and find a strange tree in the middle of a field of flowers. Little do they know that the discoveries are just about to begin.

Content warning: involves possession, including sex scenes with a possessed person. The sex scene also involves some emotional duress. It does all work out in the end, but the warning still applies.

Note: This erotic story was written for my $5+ patrons. It will become available to the public on 11/29/2020

Queen Bee

Brianna, a scientist, is called to explore a massive bee hive – alongside her “bimbo” assistant Deborah and their soldier guide Alexis.

The story features a relatively light physical TF, and a little bit of a mental TF (but no identity loss.) There’s also a death scene early on, so be warned.

Pet Pussy

Desperate to escape an arranged marriage, Abbigale takes a potion meant to make people perceive her as a harmless house cat. The potion works like a charm – but doesn’t wear off! Now she’s escaped marriage, but no one will listen to her words or treat her as anything but a simple pet!

Her only hope is the witch who sold her the potion – but it seems that witch has plans of her own…

I hope you enjoy this erotic tale!

Warning: This story is a mix of dark and sweet, with some feeling it edges closer to the former. It *does* involve treachery, and forced heat.

Maiden Voyage

The premise, as described by the commissioner, was “Two college roommates, BFFs, bromantic heterosexual life partners who have just graduated and are about to move to the opposite ends of the country and sever the most meaningful and intimate relationship of their lives forever. They go out for one last hurrah, a party cruise in the Caribbean, which has an accident, combined with a storm, and sinks to the bottom of the sea. They wash up on a deserted island, where they drink from a magical spring that slowly turns them into women, and then into mermaids, and from friends into lovers.”

This erotic piece was commissioned by Charonshope