But I Don’t Wanna be a Bimbo – Chapter 1

Warning: This is erotica, meant only for those 18 or older. Only those who have reached the age of consent in the country where they reside should proceed. If you are not at least eighteen, please exit this page immediately.

“Can you believe we have to do a whole hundred pages? In only a week!?” Becky demanded, voice raising to an almost fevered pitch.

“Yes. I can.” Andrea’s response was curt, and to the point. She rolled her eyes as she spoke, peeking at Becky from the corner of her eye.

Becky was a redhead. A gorgeous one, with curly red hair that went halfway down her back, and sparkling green eyes. She had pouty lips, bright and red like rubies, which matched the actual ruby pendant that was currently nestled between her oversized breasts. She was wearing a red crop top, which hardly seemed large enough to cover her tits. She had a narrow waist, which was completely visible, and a bubble butt that peeked out from beneath a micro black skirt. Long legs completed the package, and Andrea had to force her eyes away from them as Becky stood up from her seat.

Turning attention back to herself, Andrea found it hard to believe they were the same species, yet alone the same gender. Andrea’s short brown hair was thin and fragile, while her eyes were the color of mud. Where Becky was slender, and graceful, Andrea could be described as rakish at best. Her breasts were barely large enough to fill her tiny little bra, and were practically invisible beneath her buttoned white shirt. Her ass was flat as a board, though her ankle length black skirt did an admirable job of hiding it. 

Not that Andrea cared about looks. Brains were more important, and she was sure she’d one day find a guy who’d feel the same. It was just that she didn’t like being reminded of an impossible beauty standard she couldn’t ever meet.

“But it’s like… So much reading,” Becky complained, apparently determined to drag Andrea into conversation.

“Then maybe you should just drop out,” Andrea suggested, slinging  one strap of her backpack over her shoulder as she stood up. “I mean, I’m surprised you even got in. I know it’s just community college, but still. I hear your grades are atrocious.”

“W-Well… They are pretty bad…” Becky admitted. “But, like. I manage to get Cs? And I have a scholarship, so-”

“A cheerleader scholarship,” Andrea corrected.

“Yeah! A cheerleader scholarship,” Becky agreed, without a hint of shame. “I totally wouldn’t be able to afford this college without it…”

“I don’t think you’d have even made it in without it,” Andrea pointed out. “Which is saying something, considering how low this school sets the bar…”

“Why do you always badmouth the school?” Becky asked, not seeming to notice that the insult was aimed toward her. “You’re going here, too, right?”

“I’m not exactly happy about it, either,” Andrea grumbled. If only she’d applied to a couple more backup schools, it wouldn’t have happened. She’d just been so convinced that she’d make it into her ivy league of choice, she’d only even applied to a backup school to make her parents happy – and she’d picked the one with the cheapest application fee she could find.

“Trust me,” Andrea added, “I’m going to transfer out as soon as I can.  You are just going to be tossing pom poms, or whatever, until you manage to get your associate’s in… what exactly? Philosophy?”

“I… I haven’t decided yet,” Becky admitted. “I was thinking of majoring in English lit…”

“Lots of reading in English Lit. Sure you don’t want to go with physical education?”

“I don’t want to be a PE teacher, though…” Becky protested, voice weak.

“Then you’d best get to reading, haven’t you?” Andrea asked, lifting an eyebrow.

When Becky didn’t respond, she started to move toward the classroom door.

“…Why are you so mean to me?” Becky asked, in a voice so soft Andrea almost didn’t hear it. “We’re roommates, aren’t we? I always thought… I always thought my roommate would be my best friend…”

“Yeah? Well I never thought I’d end up rooming with a bimbo. Guess expectations were off all around.” The classroom was empty, now, except for the two of them.

“Th-that’s not very nice…” Even without turning around, Andrea knew that Becky was crying. She could hear the sniffle in the other woman’s voice. 

“…Maybe you should stop caring what I think, then,” Andrea suggested, shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot. She hadn’t meant to make the girl cry.

“I just… I just wanted to be your friend.” There was a faint thud. When Andrea glanced back over her shoulders, she saw that Becky had slipped down to her knees. She really was crying; sobbing, even.

“I… Look. If you don’t want me to consider you stupid, then just… Work harder? Get better grades. Prove me wrong.”

“I-I do try, though…” Becky protested, rubbing at her eyes.

“Then try harder. Until you succeed. Or don’t! I don’t care.” She turned back toward the door. 

“I don’t understand why you’re so mean to me…” Becky whispered. “I don’t understand why you hate me so much!”

“I don’t hate you,” Andrea admitted. “I just don’t get you. I mean, you’re like… a different species then me. Like. A really gorgeous species of monkey. There’s no way anyone can understand a monkey.”

“Well I wish you could understand me…”

A red light filled the room. Glancing back, Andrea was surprised to find that the ruby pendant Becky was wearing had begun to glow.


“What’s going on?” Becky whispered, confusion written on her face.

Suddenly, Andrea’s legs felt weak. She slid down to her knees, unable to keep herself upright. Legs spread behind her, knees pushed together, she had somehow ended up in the same position as the crying Becky.

Then, as if mirroring each other, the two girls fell onto their sides.


Andrea blinked, slowly, coming back to herself. The lights of the classroom had turned off, at some point, but they flickered back to life as she pushed herself off the ground, and onto her ass.

It felt like she was sitting on a cushion. Except she could feel the coldness of the floor through her skirt. “What the hell,” she whispered out loud, then paused. Her voice sounded different. 

“What the hell?” she repeated, rubbing at her throat. She was wearing… a necklace? She glanced down, frowning, only to freeze. 

Her breasts had grown larger. Almost ridiculously so. How did they even fit in her shirt? Except she wasn’t wearing her shirt, was she? It was red, not white, and it didn’t have buttons, and – judging by the feeling of air upon her skin – it didn’t even cover her entire stomach. It was a… A… She couldn’t remember the word. Some sort of top! It was some sort of top, and it wasn’t hers, and what was going on?

A faint noise drew her attention away from her body and back toward the floor. There was another woman there. She had short brown hair, down to her shoulders, which looked to be dry and fragile. Her eyes, when they opened, were soft and brown. She was wearing a white button up shirt, and an ankle length black dress. She looked exactly like Andrea – or rather, how Andrea was supposed to look – and Andrea couldn’t understand why.

The copy of her sat up, groaning, and rubbing at her head. Then she glanced at Andrea, and her mouth opened into a small “O” of surprise.

“Oh. My. God,” the other Andrea whispered. “We’ve totally swapped bodies!”

“Swapped… Bodies?” Andrea asked. “…Oh! Oh. Oh god. We’ve – then you’re… Becky?” she demanded, voice raising in pitch. “You’re Becky?”

“And you’re Andrea, right?” Becky asked, grinning in her body. “Wow. We’ve, like, totally changed bodies. It must be because of the wish I made!”

“Th-The wish?” Andrea asked. “H-How did this happen?” She tried to think. It felt like the answer should be obvious, but trying to think was like trying to swim through mud. Not only was she not making any progress, but the process was incredibly tiring.

“Um. Obviously it happened because of the wish I made?” Becky said. “Like. I wished you could understand me, and then my ruby started to glow, and then we were suddenly in each other’s bodies. So. The wish must have triggered something, like… magic? I guess magic must be real? I mean, unless this is some really weird alien technology.”

“M-magic? Alien tech? H-how are you coming to con… con…. Ideas so fast!?” Andrea demanded. If Andrea had been left to her own devices, she wasn’t sure that she would even have figured out about the body switch yet.

“I mean… It’s just so much easier to think, now,” Becky said, grinning. “Is this what it’s like for you, all the time? Just… able to think? Thought after thought after thought? It’s soooo much better…”

“Better for you, maybe,” Andrea protested.

“Aw, don’t pout…”

“I’m not…” She was. Her lips had pulled into one as if of their own will. Was it muscle memory? Was that a thing? She seemed to remember it being a thing, but when she tried to think about how it worked it was like trying to grab hold of water. It just squirted out of her grip.

“Look. We’ll figure this out,” Becky promised, reaching out to place a hand on Andrea’s cheek. “We’ll figure it out together, okay? So stop pouting. Even if you are cute when you do…”

“C-cute?” Andrea demanded. Her cheeks were bright red, and her heart was beating faster than it ever had before. “You think I’m cute?” She’d never been called cute, before.

“I always thought you were cute,” Becky laughed, before glancing down at herself. “I mean, you do pretty much nothing to accentualize it, but you’re totally a hot package.”

“H-hot? Me?” Andrea shook her head. “Maybe in this body…”

“Always,” Becky insisted. “I mean, I’ve tried not to stare, but I have seen you naked, and I can pretty much straight up say you look amazing always.”

“Y-You’re the one who’s always cute,” Andrea protested. “I mean. This body is cute…” Though, looking at Becky in her body, she couldn’t help but think she’d been a little harsh in her evaluation of looks, earlier. She’d actually look pretty good if she did something with her hair, and maybe wore a tighter blouse. Quite yummy, even.

…Why was she thinking such things? About a woman. About her own body. Her cheeks blushed bright red.

“You’re totally thinking I’m hot, aren’t you?” Becky accused. She was smiling for some reason, though.

“I-I’m not,” Andrea protested, shaking her head rapidly from side to side. Red strands of hair flicked across her face with each motion, reminding her of exactly who’s body she was in.

“Don’t worry about it,” Becky laughed, smiling. “You’re probably just being affected by my sex drive…”

“Y-Your sex drive?” Andrea demanded, voice raising in pitch.

“Uh-hm. It’s pretty high… I guess yours is lower? Which is good, because I don’t want to have sex in it without your permission. Though you’re of course free to sleep with anyone you want! I’m all about sexual positivity – and I always feel like I think better after sex. I mean, that’s why I always try and find someone to do it with before homework…”

“Y-You? With a guy? Every time you have homework to do?” Andrea asked, shocked.

“What? No. I’m into girls, silly. Aren’t you?” She tilted her head to one side, looking curious. “I mean, I’ve seen how you look at me…”

“I-I’m not… I’ve never… I don’t know…” Andrea admitted, at last. “I’ve never been with anyone, so…”

“Well, you should feel free to try it. I don’t think you’ll be able to survive in my body without it, for long…”

“F-For long?” Andrea asked. “H-How long do you think this will last?”

“I don’t know,” Becca admitted. “Forever maybe? My wish wasn’t really specific… I guess we could ask the woman I bought this from? But that was at a flea market, and it won’t meet again for another month, so…”

“A-A month?” Andrea demanded, eyes wide. “I’m going to be stuck like this for a month?”

“At least,” Becca agreed. “But hey – look on the bright side. At least you don’t have to be roommates with a bimbo, anymore!”

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