Demon Queened – Chapter 1

At eighteen, Devilla Satanne is ready to become Demon Queen. She casts the Rite of Insight… but flubs the last line of the powerful spell! As a result, she is awoken to memories of her past life – as Jacob Divington. Armed with new memories, Devilla quickly realizes a horrifying truth: she’s been reincarnated as the villainess of a porn game!

With ten demon generals who hate her, and a heroine coming for her head, what the hell is a Demon Queen supposed to do!?

Maiden Voyage

The premise, as described by the commissioner, was “Two college roommates, BFFs, bromantic heterosexual life partners who have just graduated and are about to move to the opposite ends of the country and sever the most meaningful and intimate relationship of their lives forever. They go out for one last hurrah, a party cruise in the Caribbean, which has an accident, combined with a storm, and sinks to the bottom of the sea. They wash up on a deserted island, where they drink from a magical spring that slowly turns them into women, and then into mermaids, and from friends into lovers.”

This erotic piece was commissioned by Charonshope