Molten Memories

A knight pays the price of arrogance for trying to kill a dragon-girl in this erotic tale. His past and future both end up in the girl’s hands.

Content Warning: This story involves involuntary mental changes, resulting in a personality shift – while the TG is not exactly involuntary, it would not have been voluntary if the MC had retained their original identity.

Note: This is a bonus story, written for my $5+ patrons. It’ll become public on 11/30/2020

The Dryad’s Garden

Jessica and Nancy are meant to be on a meet and greet freshman field trip, getting to know the fellow members of their new college. Instead they leave the beaten path, and find a strange tree in the middle of a field of flowers. Little do they know that the discoveries are just about to begin.

Content warning: involves possession, including sex scenes with a possessed person. The sex scene also involves some emotional duress. It does all work out in the end, but the warning still applies.

Note: This erotic story was written for my $5+ patrons. It will become available to the public on 11/29/2020

Queen Bee

Brianna, a scientist, is called to explore a massive bee hive – alongside her “bimbo” assistant Deborah and their soldier guide Alexis.

The story features a relatively light physical TF, and a little bit of a mental TF (but no identity loss.) There’s also a death scene early on, so be warned.

Pet Pussy

Desperate to escape an arranged marriage, Abbigale takes a potion meant to make people perceive her as a harmless house cat. The potion works like a charm – but doesn’t wear off! Now she’s escaped marriage, but no one will listen to her words or treat her as anything but a simple pet!

Her only hope is the witch who sold her the potion – but it seems that witch has plans of her own…

I hope you enjoy this erotic tale!

Warning: This story is a mix of dark and sweet, with some feeling it edges closer to the former. It *does* involve treachery, and forced heat.

Demon Queened – Chapter 1

At eighteen, Devilla Satanne is ready to become Demon Queen. She casts the Rite of Insight… but flubs the last line of the powerful spell! As a result, she is awoken to memories of her past life – as Jacob Divington. Armed with new memories, Devilla quickly realizes a horrifying truth: she’s been reincarnated as the villainess of a porn game!

With ten demon generals who hate her, and a heroine coming for her head, what the hell is a Demon Queen supposed to do!?